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Lords of the Dead
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server N/A
Leader(s) Guild Master - Lord Hades, Chapter GM - Soth
Type PvP
Voice Ventrilo

Lords of the Dead is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

LotD was founded in 1995 and has dominated multiple MMORPG's over the years. The guild is a mixture of quality hardcore and casual killers whom we have retained over the past 16 years. Lords of the Dead has garnered respect for its successful history of PvP in every game it has played.

Joining the guild

Recruitment will open closer to launch and potential recruits will need to apply at the guild website. You're welcome to register at and participate in our forums. If you are serious about joining us for SWTOR, you can also become familiar with our bylaws and how we operate.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Leadership

Guild Master - Lord Hades

Chapter GM - Soth

Recruitment Officer - Scarab

Recent Guild History

Guild Wars: LotD competed at a top 10, 20, and 40 level throughout Beta and six months of Retail. By the sixth month of retail LotD had been playing Guild Wars nearly a year and a half (beta+retail), competed at the top levels, and won several Halls of Heroes, and decided it was time to move on to a new game. LotD later returned in 2007 for about six months, and got back into the top 100 before moving on to another game.

City of Villains: LotD fielded a large contingent of villains for this game, was a top influence earner on the Freedom Server, and had a fully equipped guild base. LotD became known for its skill at zone control, winning guild vs guild base raids, and later competed in multi-server organized PVP tournaments. During its time in COV LotD was nominated as the 2006 PVP guild of the year, and ranked by the player community as one of the top 5 arena guilds across the entire game.

World of Warcraft: LotD was the #8 Alliance guild on the Mug'Thol server prior to the 2.4 sunwell patch. In U.S. rankings LotD was a casual raiding guild, but still managed to rank in the top 5% of all U.S. guilds. Due to serious exploits involving arena point farming and WoW having no guild rankings for Battlegrounds, LotD did not PVP seriously in this game.

After the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, LotD returned to WoW and became a pure 10 man raiding guild. As of August 2009 our 10 man guild rankings listed us as #1 on Mug'Thol, #8US, and #16 worldwide when compared to all other ranked 10 man guilds.

Fury: In retail LotD was always in the Top 5 of rated guilds across all warzones, and took the #1 spots overall. LotD placed #1 in Vortex Team Matches and in Elimination (Deathmatch) on several occassions. LotD also had several people rank in the top 30 for individual ladders consistently while the game still had a healthy population. On the Fury Challenge event, LotD ranked in the Top 10.

Age of Conan: LotD rose to power as the dominant PvP guild on the Deathwhisper server. LotD successfully played the game of thrones on the FFA server by turning its enemies upon one another, and then using the distraction to deliver strategic fatal blows to other enemy guilds. LotD was able to lock down entire high level PVP/PVE zones in the game at will, burned several prominent guilds PVP Battlekeeps to the ground in sieges, and never lost a siege defense while the guild was actively gaming.

Other things of note are that LotD won AOC's world's first siege, was a server first for burning a PVP battle keep to the ground (Sinister), and completed the server's first full tier 3 guild city and tier 3 pvp battle keep after four months of continuous hard work by LotD members. While actively playing AOC, LotD never lost a defensive siege and won most offensive sieges.

Warhammer Online: LotD initially played the Order Faction on the Azazel core ruleset server. While there LotD attained the #1 guild rank leading all other guilds until the Azazel was shut down in February 09, and was the #3 renown point earning guild throughout the server's active life cycle. Renown points were amassed by killing players, and capturing PVP battlefield objectives such as fortresses, keeps, etc. LotD founded the Law and Order Alliance, and worked with other quality Order guilds to dominate the server. Law and Order destroyed the initial wave of Destruction guilds, and then beat back a secondary wave of IN-Transfer guilds who came from 27 source servers.

Once the Azazel server was decimated by our forces, LotD transferred to the Dark Crag Open PVP server and played as the Destruction Faction. LotD formed two alliances on Dark Crag, and helped turn the Destruction faction from a defeated horde to a fighting machine that made 20 City Invasion attacks over the course of 4 months. While there LotD attained Guild Rank 40, and amassed over 110 million renown points. Less than 20 guilds across the entire game of 300,000+ subscribers attained Guild Rank 40, and our combined renown for LotD's warhammer career exceeded 225 million renown. By any measure, LotD ended its Warhammer career in the top 1% of ranked Warhammer guilds with its standing as the #10 world ranked and #4 server ranked guild. At the time of this ranking there were over 24,000+ ranked guilds.

AION LotD entered AION in 2009 when it launched its westernized version of the game, and the guild played the Asmodian faction on the Marachutan server. The guild quickly began leveling, and launched a large PVP raid on the Elyos faction in short order. The game initially had good faction based RVR, but after 8 months other game mechanics turned most servers into ghost towns. While LotD played it achieved several accomplishments such as being a consistent Server Top 10 and Faction Top 5 ranked guild, a consistent Top 2% world rank standing, and a consistent Top 1% world faction ranked guild. LotD was also the first guild to capture the entire Lower Abyss PVP zone by controlling all PVP forts and PVP objectives, and LotD was continuously competitive in the Upper Abyss PVP zone.

Full Guild History

File:Lords of the Dead Guild History


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