About The Guild

Mansurus Ordo is a roleplay guild that started in Star Wars Galaxies back in February 2009. From this guild, we built a community that expanded to Star Trek Online, Secondlife, and we are currently building a guild for Star Wars The Old Republic. Mansurus Ordo will have a mixed style of play, which includes roleplay, PvE, RP, PvP, raiding, crafting, etc....

Mansurus Ordo will cater to Republic Troopers, Jedi, Smugglers, Pirates, Mercenaries and Pilots of all types. We are charged with supporting and supplying the Republic with our weapons and men. We also protect the innocent from the Sith and those who seek to destory peace.
Mansurus Ordo is an 18+ guild only, yet some exceptions to that rule can be made. All minors will be treated with a case by case basis.

The Oath:

Maor-oath yellow


Guild Leader:

  • Bayo

Officers:: The officers are just like the GL in all aspects but mainly handle the administration.

  • Elmirea Running: Community Relations
  • Ikonn: Forums Admin and second in command.

Council Members:

The Council handles the different activies.


Full Members:

These are members that have showen that they want to be a member from posting and logging into the site offten.

Probational Members:

Probational members are members that have come in and filled out the application to join, and thats it.


The hopefuls have signed up on the website and either not bothered to come back, or have not completed there application.


  • The only rule we all wish we can have is just to have fun. Yet that just says to me I don't care what you do. With that, the following rules are meant to be adhered by all members of the guild.
  • No harassment of any kind will be permitted ever. Any such reported will be grounds for removal.
  • We are an 18+ guild. We may use mature content at any time without warning. No minors allowed.
  • All guild grouping loot will be Need before Greed.
  • Grouping rules: We ask that you look for your groups from within the guild first. We can't make you group with fellow guildies, but we ask that you do so that everyone feels more at home and gets to know one another.
  • NO WHINING EVER... I can not stress this enough, we are adults ... act like it. I will personally ignore and mute anyone that feels then need to whine to me.
  • At this time those are all of the rules, more will be added and some may be taken away.
  • A member of Mansurus Ordo is not allowed to recruit people who are already in another guild. This can result in removal.
  • Inactivity: After 30 days of "unannounced" inactivity, members will be kicked from the guild. This generally occurs during a member clean up event, usually happens around the 15th of the month. It will be announced ahead of time.

Forum Rules

All members of the forum are responsible for following these rules:
  • No excessive foul language.
  • Please keep personal conflicts out of the forums.
  • No Spamming or Advertising anything outside of Star Wars.
  • Do not post links to inappropriate sites.
  • No posting guild recruitment threads in this forum.
  • No inappropriate Avatars and Signatures
  • Inactivity...
    Because of the constant changes to the game and other issues, some of our group members will eventually go inactive or simply stop playing the game. Because of this, we have enacted a policy in order to keep the list of inactive members of the group to a minimum. The specifics are as follows...

    If a member leaves the game temporarily, we ask that the member makes sure to send an in-game email to one of our Leaders. If the time away is short, members will not be removed from the group. If after 3 months, however, membership in the group MAY BE cancelled if we do not hear from them.

    After 90 days of "unannounced" inactivity, a member will be removed from the group.

    In addition to removal from the group in-game, inactive accounts on our Forum are also cleaned on a periodic basis. In most cases, someone who does not login to our Forum can lose their account after 90 days have passed.

Please note any violation of these rules will result in posts being edited or deleted, members being banned from the forums, or a loss of privileges within the guild.

Guild Video

Mansurus Ordo recuritment video02:47

Mansurus Ordo recuritment video


How to join

Joining our guild:
1. Show us that you are interested enough in our guild by spending a few minutes filling out our application. You can find the application by going to our home page at and clicking the Apply link at the top.
2. Please make sure you give us a vaild email or in-game name so that we can contact you after we have reviewed your application. We should get back to you within 24-48 hrs. In all honestyn you should hear back in 20 mins to 2 hrs if you send during our normal gametime hours.
3. If accepted, one of the officers or myself will contact you to set up a time for an interview.
3a. The interview is so we can see if you are going to mix well with us. Everyone knows you can look great on paper, but when it comes down to interacting with the community your answers could greatly help or hinder your chances to get in.
4. After the interview we will either welcome you to the guild or thank you for your time.

Once Accepted:

1. Once you are accepted, we ask that you please join our forums.
1a. You will be placed at either Full Member of Prospective Member.
2a. Full Member: The interview and applications went great and you a welcome member of the guild
2b. Prospective Members have same access as full members but we would like to see more of you.

May the force be with you,
Guild Leader of Mansurus Ordo

Guild Information Links

Guild Posters

Poster 2

Our second poster.

Poster 3

Third poster.

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