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Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server Ulthur Wynn
Leader(s) Sarge
Type PVE
Voice TS

Who we are, and what we can offer you.

We are a predominantly PvE guild, with a proven track record, already having cleared all normal and HM ops. Although pvp is not our main concern, we have many players who enjoy participating in warzones, so finding a wingman is never an issue. We have begun to introduce an RP element to the guild, where members can write background information about their character, like growing up, their training for the military etc.

Merc logo 100:31

Merc logo 1

One key thing that Merc's has to offer is 'Sarge'. A guild can only work if the leadership is working, and no-one works harder for you than our Guild master. Our website acts as a hub for any guild related matters, where you can sign up for events, talk to other members, read tips, and interesting articles on our active forum to post. It is vital that you are active on the website.

Everyone has an opinion

Once a month there is a guild meeting, which everyone participates in. Changes to the guild, or proposed changes or ideas are opened to questions and suggestions. New changes can be debated, and everyone who wishes to express their opinion is given voice. We understand that a guild is only as strong as its members, and we appreciate any ideas that would improve your experience. We also strongly encourage members to keep active on the forums with any problems or questions they might have.

Normal raid times

Raids - 7-11pm(GMT) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. If there is ever any change to

times, you will be informed on the GMOTD or on our website. Group HMs - Currently, most run at 7-11pm(GMT), however assigned groups can re-organise their time, as long as all agree to it


Progression is extremely important to us, and we are moving onto Nightmare content this week. Now we need active and skilled players for 16 man content. however we understand that this is a new game, and that we have to gear up our members. For harder content, unfortunately less geared players might be required to not raid, however we always run normal modes as well, to ensure everyone is getting their gear.

It's not all about SWTOR

Yes, although it is hard to believe, there are many other MMO games that people enjoy to play. We are going to be organising fun guild related tournaments in CSS, League of Legends, Battlefield 3. If you name an MMO and other guildies play it, then we will organise a tournament for it.

If you are interested in a community of fun and interesting players, visit our website here and submit an application. We look forward to hearing from you.

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