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O'fury's Republic
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild

O'fury's Republic is a guild from O'fury's Gaming Clan. A family orientated Gaming Clan. We're greatly awaiting pre-release and can't wait to try out TOR. We will be playing mostly PvP but will play all parts that TOR has to offer.


Since it is pre-release this is just a few of our rules concerning our forums and community. Subject to change.

  • No Cursing. This is a family Clan and we want to stay that way.
  • Activity. We expect you to talk and partake in things when you are online. It doesn't matter how often you come online but as long as you participate when you do come on.
  • Respect. Please respect the community of TOR as we want to be respected by them. Clanmembers are your friends so treat them that way.

A little about our Clan.

 O'fury's Gaming Clan has 3 branches. We have a guild in Lord of The Rings Online. Star Wars The Old Republic and Disney's Pirates Of The Caribbean. We strive to create a place where all types of gamers can come together. You can play as much or as little as you want and still get the full effect of our clan. We have hardcore gamers and casual players. We're nearing 2 years as a clan. We started on Disney's Pirates of The Caribbean as just a guild. As our guildmembers started playing other games as well we checked them out as well. When we opened our site we formed it our guild into a gaming clan. That way we can have the same community across games. One of the best communities of course.

Recruitment Application

If you are interested in joining our guild/clan please fill out the application and leave it in a comment below. We currently have 10 members signed up for TOR that plan to pre-order. Others have interest but are not sure if they want to spend money or not. ( They send us with our money to try it first.. aren't they so nice?)



How can we reach you? (Email, reply to your comment,etc.)

How much will you plan to play?:

Please answer the following with a Yes or No

Will you use Voice Chat:

Will you agree to not use foul language anywhere within our community? This includes forums and in game chat.:

Do you plan to Pre-order the game:

Please tell us briefly why you want to join our guild/clan.


[1] - Our Youtube Channel

[2] - Our Offical Clan site. (hosted by mmoguildsites)

[3] - Our Official Guild on TOR.

[4] - Our Official Thread on TOR Website.

Thank you for checking out O'fury's Republic.


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