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Obscuri Lateris is a Sith Empire guild.

About the guild

This guild was founded on the principles of loyalty, honor, and brotherhood and that thrives because on-line adventure games are more fun in the company of kindred spirits. We are more than just a guild.

From the early days of the Galactic Empire Dark Forces have always ruled and twisted in agony against the paths of the weak Jedi. Obscuri Lateris comes from the early days of SWG and was born on Star Sider. We are a guild that is reborn to play The Old Republic. We are PvE based and will play on the side of the Empire as our main focus.
OL Brand logo

Obscuri Lateris Logo Brand

Joining the guild

Our core requirements are as followed:

  • Maturity-Age 18 and over is a requirement.
  • North American Based for time zones- but all are welcome to join us.
  • PvE with some PvP if you choose. We never rule out any play style.
  • RP is not our focus but that does not mean you cannot start a squad of RP-ers.
  • Will use Ventrillo. It does help to build bonds and makes for good PvP or Raids.
  • Our main focus is the Dark Side and Imperial. No one has an issue if you want to play a republic character but your main must be our faction choice.
  • Casual or hardcore play times are very welcome.
  • Server: Sith Wyrum (North America, East Coast)

If we are the guild you are looking for then please contact me through the site provided here by registering and making a post or the SWTOR Guild Site.


Astral Lateris-Guild leader

  • Atrocitus-officer
  • Farpetrad-offficer
  • Melchia-officer

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