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Occbar's Razor
Occbar's Razor
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Server Sword of Ajunta Pall
Leader(s) Lokkisan
Type Casual, PvP, General Mayhem and Merriment.
Voice Teamspeak 3, Skype

Occbar's Razor is a Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild.

About the Guild

Occbar's Razor is just a friendly group of people. They have casuals and hardcore gamers alike. Once they get going they will eventually do dungeons and raids. As for now they are content with just getting some people into the guild and getting our characters leveled up.

Joining the Guild

If you have any interest in joining our guild, they are on the PVP server Sword of Ajunta Pall. Once there just message Lokkisan, Javik, Rax, or Oabe and tell them how you heard about them and why you would like to join. They are always up to let friendly players join. No requirements. Noobs and pros are welcome as we are founded on both =p.

Ranking withing The Guild

Ranking system is currently based on classic Jedi Order ranks. These are a WIP and as such are subject to change in name and permissions.


Currently the members of the guild are as follows:



Grand Master (Guildmasters Alts)








Arturo (Rax Alt)

Tradak (Javik Alt)





Error: The character in which this name is derived is spelled: Ackbar, but due to Bioware's naming guidelines Ackbar could not be used. Instead a mix of Occam (Occam's Razor) and Ackbar was derived.

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