Order of the Crimson Blade is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the Guild

The Order of the Crimson Blade is a RP/PvP/PvE guild that exists in the massive-multiplayer online roleplaying game known as Star Wars: The Old Republic. We are aligned with the Galactic Republic against the Sith Empire, and we are always accepting applications from players that are interested in roleplaying, player-versus-player and player-versus-environment.

We are a guild of players from all over the world, looking to invest themselves into every aspect that Star Wars: The Old Republic has to offer. From player-versus-player combat, to raids, to roleplay, we are here to experience every aspect of the game, and we want to invite others to do the same.

UPDATE 12/12/11: Order of the Crimson Blade has been assigned to the server - Shien.

Joining the Guild

The leaders are here to serve every member of the guild, not vice versa. But when we do stand, we stand together as one family, regardless of age, sex, nationality, character class, or player level.

We welcome all kinds with open arms... and we will give you a chance to prove yourself to us, and the rest of the community, through amazing opportunities that will arise.



Archturus Eltarnian (Head of Council)

Regular Members

Aqueon2010 {Gavik Kuuhz}
Osiris "Leobreaker" Fehn
Desarus Ren Kai

Games Past, Present and Future

Star Wars: The Old Republic Star Trek Online World of Warcraft
Killing Floor Left 4 Dead Modern Warfare 2
Lord of the Rings Online Team Fortress 2 Battlefield Heroes
Matrix Online

Ranking System

Ranks apply to every member of the Order of the Crimson Blade. Everyone starts out as a Crimson Initiate, and each subsequent rank is symbolic. One Ascends through the Ranks by obtaining a sponsor among the Rank he wishes to Ascend to who will then argue on his or her behalf. Then he must receive a two-thirds vote from the Crimson Council.
(If you fail to receive the required votes, you may later petition again. Obviously, one must Ascend through the ranks numerically and there will be no jumping of ranks. The only exception is with members of the current Council who are automatically Crimson Blademasters as well as a select few people that have been with us for years that have been chosen so that we may have at least one person in each Rank in order to facilitate the Ascension System.)

These ranks will show devotion to our principles and beliefs. Once a member leaves the Order, their Rank is reset and if should they choose to return to our path, the member must re-Ascend.
(The exceptions to this rule are for technical issues in-game or on operations sanctioned by the Crimson Council.)

Since we follow a secret society structure, each Rank will also allow a member to learn a little more about our Order. Our Archives contain historical data and information about the Order of the Crimson Blade. These data files have specific clearance levels which correspond to specific Ranks.
(Furthermore, some files may have information omitted depending upon your Rank. You will then find out more about the omitted information should you Ascend. This is meant to serve as a reward system and help provide some mystery and intrigue as well as build a rich, detailed mythos for our Enclave. It is also our intent that this system will provide an incentive for role play as well.)

In addition, your Rank will also determine to what extent you have access to Enclave loot and credits in-game.

Our Ranks are as follows:

  • 1st Degree - Crimson Initiate- All new recruits begin at this Rank.
  • 2nd Degree - Crimson Adept
  • 3rd Degree - Crimson Zealot
  • 4th Degree - Crimson Apprentice
  • 5th Degree - Crimson Squire
  • 6th Degree - Crimson Knight
  • 7th Degree - Crimson Paladin
  • 8th Degree - Crimson Crusader
  • 9th Degree - Crimson Templar
  • 10th Degree - Crimson Blademaster- The Crimson Blademasters are the Masters of our Order.

Note: Further information about individual ranks and the requirements for each are restricted to members only to promote the secret society atmosphere.

External Links

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OCB Role Play Wiki page

"SW:The Old Republic RP Wiki" {Role Play Wiki hosted in Germany by}


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