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Order of the Phoenix
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild



Order of the Phoenix header created by their member, Ramak.

The Order of the Phoenix is a casual guild that is based on having fun in the Star Wars: The Old Republic universe. They're PvE-based, but they've got an interest in everything that the game offers. That includes PvE activities, Operations, exploring, questing, adventuring, crafting, and PvP activity in the Warzones. They've also added a separate section for all the members who want to do some roleplaying. They operate under the banner of "Moderate Guilds," but they facilitate all different kinds of players.


The Order of the Phoenix was created by Flyers108, commonly known as just Flyers.



Logo for the Order of the Phoenix created by Ramak.

The vision of the Order of the Phoenix is to create a home to casual and hardcore players who want to have a friendly, relaxed, and enjoyable guild to play with when Star Wars: The Old Republic releases. This will include an open environment for gamers to play in their own fashion while finding other members who are interested in the same type of play. The guild would love to have a diverse and exciting community so that everyone can find suitable companions. The Order of the Phoenix will also sponsor in-game events on their server that will encourage fun gameplay as well as challenging expeditions.

Leadership Structure

The guild is led by seven officers. Their names and descriptions can be found on the main site. Ranks and class leadership roles are available, but they will be earned once in-game. A full list of all of their ranks can be found on their site.



Secondary logo for the Order of the Phoenix created by their member, Ramak.

The Order of the Phoenix uses a light & casual roleplaying model. They create their characters and backstories using a pre-determined set of guidelines. There is also a guild story that is written in a chapter fashion by Flyers. It incorporates allies, other members, and is led by Flyers' main character, Katara. Katara plays through the story while interacting with the other characters on her mission.


The Order of the Phoenix currently has 52 members as of September 27, 2011. Their current class spread can be viewed on their roster. They have recently become Jedi heavy due to a large influx of players declaring the Consular class. The guild is searching for more members in the non-Force wielding classes as well as healers.

Joining the Guild

Orderofthephoenixlogo-1 (1)

Guild crest created by Order of the Phoenix member Ramak.

The Order of the Phoenix is accepting of almost all applicants. It is the philosophy of the guild to at least give everyone a shot at being in the guild. If the member does not work well with the guild, then that member can be asked to look elsewhere. Prospective members can apply to the guild on their homepage that is located on the Star Wars: The Old Republic's official site.

Official Site

Flyers also exhibits a very open policy with his guild's website. Any member that is considering joining the guild is allowed to see the site in its entirety as well as apply to the website separately. Those prospective members will be able to use the forums and the chat room to get a good image of the guild before committing to the guild. The guild leader only asks that prospective members properly identify themselves in the Membership Request section of the site.


The Phoenixes are currently allied with the Galactic Wolf Council (GWC), the Gray Wardens (GW), and Hyakki Yako (HY). The Phoenixes are still open to engaging in any "unofficial" alliances pre- and post-launch.

Empire Extension(s)

Flyers has been in contact with leaders of his allied guilds about working on extension guilds for the Imperial classes. Current discussion involves two different guilds, one on a PvP server and one on the same PvE server. Names are still being considered. Either way, the Order of the Phoenix will facilitate both Galactic Republic classes and Sith Empire classes to some extent. They will still be a primarily Republic guild.

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