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"I informed him of his meatbag status. He was unimpressed..."

Organic Meatbags
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic_Republic
Server Server:Jung_Ma
Leader(s) User:Lodane
Type RP, Social, World PvP
Voice Ventrilo

Organic Meatbags is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the Meatbags

Organic Meatbags, on the surface, appears to be registered with the Republic as a "social fan club of the historic droid, and long-time companion to famed Jedi, HK-47 ".

However: the group has been linked to smuggling (specifically medical supplies, spice , and other contraband), along with ties to other unsavory incidents.

It is suspected that they are an underground movement of some clandestine purpose... however, due to the Imperial law enforcement's handling of fringe elements -- they appear to be loyal to the Republic.

Becoming a "Meatbag"

The guild isn't actively recruiting.

If you want the tag, you'll have to have a decent reason.

However, everyone's a Meatbag... if they just believe... and /notdroids all the time.

For any information, contact User:Lodane.

Notable History

  • Pre-Launch Guild Registration (March 10th 2011) screenshot
  • Founded in Early Access
  • Guild Bank DAY ONE of 1.2
  • Formative and leading guild in the now defunct RCOG: Republic Cooperative of Guilds

External Links

Organic Meatbags Generic Website of DOOM

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