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Pandemic Legion
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server Hedarr Soongh/Hex Droid
Leader(s) Pandemic Legion veterans/leadership
Type PvP/PvE
Voice Mumble

Pandemic Legion is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild and EVE Online alliance.

Guild history

"Pathetic Legion, aka Arsemode Lamers. Incapable of doing anything but griefing a few lazy tired bums who don't care to check if the gate is camped. God bless you for doing what Darwin outlined in his lifetime achievement work. - Aiolos Caci / Band of Brothers"

To know Pandemic Legion you must know its root is among EVE Online as one of the griefer/PVP alliances who wreck havoc on anyone it sees fit to harass.


Pandemic Legion has two castes. The "newguard" and the "oldguard" the two frown upon and make fun of eachother.

Recruitment is a selective process and at the whim of the recruiter. You are expected to be able to function within the group at LVL50 (use of mumble and forums).

Notable Members

GM: Guild leadership is split amongst veteran members, the so called "oldguard".

Please visit our forums for general inquiries or get hold of an ingame representative (when seen).

Important Links


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