Pax Imperius is a guild created from the Pax Gaming Community for Star Wars: The Old Republic . Pax has branches in Star Trek Online ,Rift ,Lord of the Rings Online, and EVE Online.

About the Guild

Pax Imperius is a mature, dedicated, roleplay-focused guild aligned with the Sith Empire.


Pax Imperius is a gaming guild that was formed in 2001 in preparation for Star Wars Galaxies. Since then, while still maintaining a strong presence on the Starsider server (after the guild transferred over from Scylla), we have also expanded into other MMO’s. However it’s Star Wars that is our heart and The Old Republic is bringing everybody back together into one game once again. While the structure and setting of Pax differs from game to game there is one constant: a feeling of family. We would like you to join our family.


Pax Imperius believes that a strong, dedicated leadership and ranking system is crucial to the survival and success of the guild. As such, the guild is run by two separate entities: the Praetura and the Conclave of Shadows. The Praetura are the sole voting members in guild-wide discussions, and they have absolute authority in those decisions. Praetura are responsible for running all aspects of their respective areas of domain. Members of the Conclave of Shadows are the top commanders in their respective chapters and carry major responsibilities for how their chapter operates on a day to day basis. Conclave of Shadows members have a voice in guild policies and can speak for Pax Imperius in intra-guild discussions, but do not have a vote in guild wide decisions.

The Dreadlord Sanguinous Rex oversees all aspects of Pax Imperius.


Chapters are the gameplay subsections of the guild. They serve to help with leadership and organization in the guild, though each does have a light roleplay background story.

  • Blood Revenants - The PVE Chapter of Pax Imperius.
  • Dark Legion - The PVP Chapter of Pax Imperius.
  • Knights of the Shadow - The Raiding Chapter of Pax Imperius.
  • Path of Rage - The Pax Imperius Navy.


Sub-Chapters are here to help the Role Players in the guild. As a member of one of these sub-chapters you are able to help mesh your characters backstory with the history of Pax Imperius.

Pax Imperius currently has five Sub-Chapters. Each sub-chapter except the Praetorian Guard is geared towards a particular class or two, but you are also able to join any sub-chapter no matter the class you decide to choose.

  • The Dark Acolytes - A place to hone your skills in both the Force and combat techniques, and the home of the Cult of the Sith'ari. All force members are automatically in the Dark Acolytes though non force users are still able to join the Dark Acolytes to learn the teachings of the Dread Lord. This chapter is has a focus on The Sith Warrior and Sith Caster classes.
  • Pax Imperius Intelligence - Pax Imperius Intelligence represents the eyes and ears of the Overlord and Praetura. Agents of PII are spread across all planets and major organizations throughout the galaxy, where they gather information from all levels of command and civilian society. This Chapter has a focus on the Sith Agent class.
  • The Hounds - The Hounds operate in individual and small group strikes and insurgencies. The Hounds are called upon to wreak havoc and destruction upon the enemies of the Dread Lord. The leader of a government may need to be assassinated. A government may need to be toppled. Sometimes, they just have to go blow sh*t up. This group has a focus on the Bounty Hunter Class.
  • The Pathfinders - The Pathfinders are an elite military unit dedicated to small squad operations. We take pride in our unit cohesion and the high level of training of our members. We specialize in covert extractions, surgical strikes on key military objectives and assassinations. This group has a focus on both the Sith Agent and Bounty Hunter class.
  • The Praetorian Guard - The Praetorian Guard are the elite of Pax Imperius, hand picked by the Black Hand and the Council of Masters to defend Pax Imperius and it's leaders from any and all threats. As such, this sub-chapter has high expectations, requiring moderate PvP and high roleplay activity.

Joining the Guild

Our application process is a two week application period, during this two week period you will interact with Pax members, and make sure you are a good fit for our guild. This two week period is also to help you determine if our guild is a good fit for you. Before you submit an appliction, you must register with the Pax Gaming Community.

Full instructions on joining Pax Imperius can be located here.


What Faction do you play?

We aligned with the Sith Empire. This does not mean you have to be a Force user, we desire all Sith aligned professions in our guild.

Who can join?

Anyone who plans on being a Sith aligned character is welcome to apply to Pax Imperius. Our guild is structured to accommodate both PvP and PvE, also while RP is not mandatory, it is strongly encouraged. Crafting and Space will also be heavily supported as well. We do not have an age limit, but we require a level of maturity from all our members and the acceptance of our Charter.

What is this Charter you speak of?

Our Charter is a ‘living document’ that out lines our guild structure, Chain of Command, Rules of Engagement, Codes of Conduct and general guild rules. Ours is currently under construction and will not be fully complete until we have more details on the various aspects of TOR. You may view our charter here.

What other details about Pax Imperius can you tell me?

We do not require our regular members to dedicate hours upon hours a day to be active as We are a guild who believes RL comes before a game. While we have a semi-relaxed activity requirement, it does not mean we are not an active guild. We have a very active forum and various events that are scheduled by our members to help our members to get to know each other.

Since we do have a semi-relaxed activity requirement, we run roll calls every couple of months. These roll calls serve multiple purposes from making sure our members are still interested in the guild to gathering information from our members.

Why join Pax Imperius?

  • Above all Pax is a family (most of whom are huge Star Wars fans) and you will form friendships within our guild. Many of us have become RL friends, traveling to meet up with each other when we can and one of our members even hosts a New Years Eve party where all Pax members are invited.

  • We support all play styles.

  • We have a long history of working together for the benefit of the Guild, individual members, as well as the community as a whole. A Pax member is always willing to give a helping hand (or claw, or fin) to another.

  • Our forums are a great way to get to know other Pax members and even indulge in some RP fiction.

  • Our members have years of experience in RP, PvP, and PvE in a variety of games. Many of our members are held in respect on their respective servers. Pax members are always willing to give advice and a hand if you need it.

  • This will NOT be a guild that folds. Our SWG Chapter of Pax Imperius was active and going strong since Scylla opened. We have remained active through the game's turbulent history up until the game officially shut down.

  • We regularly hold in-game training sessions and RP events which are a great way to interact with other members that gives you a break from grinding, questing or PvPing.

  • You will be a part of a guild that will be a force to be reckoned with on our server. We strive to be both feared and respected within our community in all our games.

  • We are not a guild that shows favoritism to our “veteran members." All members have the ability to move up in rank, even new ones. We have a history of giving dedicated members a chance at being in a leadership position if they show the dedication and drive, no matter how long they have been a member of Pax.

What Server does Pax play on?

Sanctum of the Exalted, an RP-PvE server based in the US EST time zone.

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