Pax Republica is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Pax Republica is a Galactic Republic (PvP) community for Bioware's MMO, SWTOR. With TOR having finally launched on December 20, 2011, we are upping our activity policies and expectations of our members. We pride ourselves on having one of the most active and friendly guilds in the SWTOR community and will be bringing this into the game with us. Our goal has always been to put emphasis on the person before the player to create a tight knit, supportive family of gamers from around the globe who genuinely care about their guild-mates. At Pax Republica we feel that it is not what you achieve but who you achieve it with that really counts in the end and that fond memories with friendly people will have more of a lasting impact than being a server first with a group of rude and selfish individuals.

Over the last 2 + years we have prepared ourselves both gaming and administration wise, and through personal interactions over our forums and ventrilo. We have everything we need to hit the ground running now that the game has released, and we are very excited about how much we've accomplished in the game so far, and how much potential is still ahead of us. With a fully functional and efficient officer corps, helpful, skilled, and intelligent players, and an incredibly friendly and caring group of people from around the world, we have overcome every bump on the way to today, and will continue to surpass the hurdles placed before us as a community.

Our goals are to focus on personal and guild-wide progression into the storyline but also the PVP scene as well. Operations will be conducted on a scheduled and free-setup basis, as will valor farming runs and pvp engagements. We will, as a PVP guild, be a large part of all events that take place on our server and aim to participate zealously in both open world PVP and enclosed battlegrounds. To better our experience in game, we have teamed up with The House of Karrdes, a Republic Guild who will be mopping the streets of Korriban with us while also joining us in 'Operations' and friendly get togethers accross the Galaxy. We've also made a special relationship in the year before launch with Kajidic, an Empire guild with good quality people that are of good moral character and always fun to fight against. These two communities have been above and beyond friendly, and have shown competency in gaming - two things which we look for in friends and recruits, making them the ideal and perfect candidates to share our TOR experience with! And of course, crafters will be fully supported by the community and we all partake heavily in that aspect of gameplay.

So if it has not yet been understood by the reader, let it be known that Pax Republica aims not only to dominate the PVP scene while excelling in Operations and Crafting, but to do all things with respect to one another and those we encounter along the journey. Empire or Republic, you can expect a warm welcome and a /wave from our members as we all move about the Galaxy.

Joining the guild

Joining Pax Republica is a very straight forward process, but it does take effort on your end to show that you are serious about joining our community. You first apply to the guild with a detailed application, introducing yourself and giving us an idea of who you are in and out of game. Your application is reviewed by members and you are asked questions about the application. If you respond quickly and adequately, you will most likely start the Trials. The trials consist of two weeks of tasks to help you acclimate with the guild, get set up in our structure, figure out if the guild is for you and for us to figure out if you fit in with the guild. Members then vote on whether or not you should join the guild.

You may apply here:

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