Prime Defense is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

Prime Defense Is a guild represented by it's active community and dedicated members. Prime Defense features many unique aspects, such as a specialization system, Achievements, a Hall of Fame, organized military system, incredibly active chat, a mentoring system, a bustling forum, and much more! It also features more standard aspects such as an extensive ranking system for each class, a council, an active and dedicated forum community as well as it's own wiki and media gallery. Prime Defense truly represents a high quality guild taken to the next level.

Our guild is informally divided into three companies: Myst, Justice, and Ark. Two of these are primarily North American members, while one is composed of various European members. Though our guild does encourage role-playing, it is in no way required. Roleplaying in our guild usually takes the form of war stories and/or character back-stories written by members of the guild, and is kept in a section of the forums.

Unlike doomed "zerg guilds", we require an application prior to entry into Prime Defense. If you think you have what it takes to join us, then head to and fill out an application. You need not have any experience, only an open mind and a willing heart.

Joining the guild

Click here to join the guild by visiting our application center
You should also stop by the chat, there are always members willing to help guests, click here to visit our chat


Currently, Prime Defense is allied with:



  • Grand Master Ryubusa Aren
  • Tim Skijwalker
  • Owepta Cloudlighter

Other members

Click here for a full list of guild members.

We currently have over ninety members, and our numbers grow each and every day. Each class is well represented, and we have a full contingent of dedicated crafters, PvPers, raiders, etc. Their experience levels range from novice to having played MMOs for over a decade.

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