Rage is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Rage: A PvE Focused Sith SWTOR Guild on an RP-PvP Server. The Premier Raiding and Operations guild with that family feel. Elitists need not apply.

Hard Facts

We will be rolling on a PvP or RP-PVP server for the added difficulty and entertainment. This will also be on a PST server and we will raid to coincide with this; 7 - 11 PM PST, Tuesday-Thursday.


Who We Are

Rage is a guild who was formed in the later months of 08 just as the game was being announced with the goal of building a family with structure for the upcomming release of SW:TOR.

We are a group of gamers who have come together from many different games ranging from EverQuest to World of Warcraft to SWG. We all have different goals within the game and want to make them possible under one roof. We have some hardcore raiders, some heavy PVP'ers and even some pretty enthusiastic roleplayers.

Our main focus as a guild though is PvE, be it raiding or just grouping up together if they choose that end-game structure. Whatever the case is we want to be ready for release to smash through the hardest content while maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

When it's raid time were all game faces so all of our members should show some kind of self discipline to not obnoxiously feel the need to tell everyone about their dinner last night just before a boss pull.

Keeping a friendly tone within the guild is very important to us, as we all know how easy it is for it to turn negative and you find yourself burning out. Clearing content is important to us but not at the cost of losing friends.

With that we plan on on being here for a long time, before SW:TOR and long after.

Joining the guild

Head on over to our site , read up on us and feel free to register on our site and come talk to us in the forum chat at the top of the page. Any questions you may have will quickly be answered by someone there that's available.

After you submit your application it will be reviewed by the guild itself for roughly 1-2 weeks unless special circumstances are presented.

After that time you will either be accepted into the guild or denied.


Sith Assassins

Sith Marauders



Sith Masters


Ranks and Descriptions

Sith'ari - GM - Sith'ari is the title in Sith for Overlord.

Sith Lords - The Council - The Sith Council was formed to advise the Dark Lord and keep order within the ranks. It is the Council's main duty to make sure the Dark Lord's will is met.

Sith Masters - Officers - Sith Masters were directly under the Sith Council in the chain of command. They were tasked with leading the armies and fighting the Jedi.

Sith Assassins - Veterans - Sith Assassins primary purpose was to kill or capture Jedi. Captured Jedi would be tortured until they either died or fell to the dark side.

Sith Marauders - Base member - Sith Marauders were specially trained Dark Jedi who focused on combat. They were primarily used to fight the Jedi due to their fighting prowess.

Sith Infantry - Trainee - Sith infantry are apprentices who had only just started down the dark path.

Sith Minion - Applicant - Sith minions were potential members that were recently recruited and were yet to be tested in battle.

Rank Duties

Sith'ari - GM - The Sith'ari, the Overlord, oversees all. The Sith'ari makes the final decision on everything related to the guild. The Sith'ari himself hand picks who serves as a Sith Lord on the Council.

Sith Lords - The Council - The Governing body of Rage, all reports and issues within the guild will be handled by the Council. The Council will administer the tests when a Marauder requests his Infantryman be tested for the rank of Marauder. The Council will closely supervise the Sith Masters to make sure everything within the guild runs smoothly.

Sith Masters - Officers - If chosen as a Sith Master you will serve under the direct command of the Sith Lords and the Dark Lord himself. Each Master will run and control a specific part of the guild; The Treasury, The Navy, The Army, Intelligence, Communications, Special Forces and more to be named later. All Sith Masters should be sufficient enough to run and lead a raid when the guild needs.

Sith Assassins - Veterans - When you have shown your loyalty and effectiveness in the field or in the effectiveness of training, you will be granted the rank of Sith Assassin. When there are missions or objectives that require completion in a timely matter you will be the first called upon. Sith Assassins also serve as the right hands of the Sith Masters, when they call for help on important issues only ones with the guilds trust and loyalty are chosen, this is you. You will no longer be required to take on Apprentices but you will be given the choice to take on those of your choosing.

Sith Marauders - Base member - When you are granted the rank of Sith Marauder you will be known to the guild as a full member. You will have access to whatever the guild may provide. And at any given time you could be granted an apprentice from the Sith Infantry, it will be your job to train them in all the things you have been taught from your master.

Sith Infantry - Trainee - When a Minion is moved up to the Sith Infantry a Sith Marauder is assigned to him and is guided down the dark path. You will be trained and taught everything you need to know, if you need help with anything, he(or she) is the one you will go to. You will be their apprentice for no shorter then 1 month, longer if further training is needed. When your master feels that you are ready you will be tested in many areas including combat, tactical knowledge as well as guild regulations. If the tests are passed, you will be granted the rank of Marauder.

Sith Minion - Applicant - A Sith Minion's only responsibilities are to remain active and helpful whenever called upon by the guild. When a Minions trial period is over without any black marks on his application he will be moved up to Infantry.



- No personal attacks towards anyone in guild or not. (In-game PvP on the other hand is definitiely encouraged)

- No real life racial slurs (though Star Wars racial slurs are encouraged, sleemo!)

- We are all different therefore we will have differences in opinion, if you have a disagreement with someone in the guild bring it to a Master, if it warrants someone further up the ladder they will pass it on. Keep it out of guild and raid chat.

- No whining, this is a mature guild and we would like to keep it so. If you have a problem bring it to a Master, if it is in fact just whining disciplinary action may be taken.

- We strive to be the best but not at any costs, we also want to be the most respected. If any member is found compromising this in any way action will be taken.

- We will not tolerate loot disputes, if someone has more dkp then you, then they deserve it. End of story. (use of dkp subject to change upon further raiding information)

- We may RP at times as cold hearted backstabbers but we treat every member with respect, we excpect you to as well.

- If you are aware you will be taking an extended leave of absence, please post in the raid absence thread BEFORE you leave.

- If you plan on raiding, Ventrilo and a working mic is Required.

- If at the end of the day playing this game starts feeling like a job, stop and take a look at what else the guild has to offer. We have a large community and plenty of opportunities to take part in. Raiding can easily become tiresome to some, but for others we enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying it anymore take some time off, check out the Special Forces(PvP Division), or even the Navy(Space Division) and see what they have to offer. You can also take your character to the next level and join us in some role play action!

- We want every member to enjoy their stay here and make the most out of the time they spend with us. So HAVE FUN! or else.

External links

  • IP: PORT: 4712 Ventrilo Address

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