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Reaper Squad
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
                                                                                            Name:Reaper Squad          
                                                                                    Leader:Commander belefauntes       
                                                                                                  Other Leaders:Mangar,
                                                                                                        and dominickmay
                                                                                      Allegiance:Galactic Republic     
                                                                                              Time Zone:US West(PST)   
                                                                                       Reruitment:Moderately serious   
                                                                      Regions:Reno,Nevada and Jurupa Valley,CA

About the Guild

We are a casual guild whos main goal is questing and really light role playing.We are an elite group of fighters who are as close knit as a family.We understand the meaning of loyalty and are loyal to the Republic, the Jedi, and each other.We are also a PvE guild.

Joining the guild

Send an application to Reaper Squad at the Old Republic website and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Mangar Daalney Tinamay urDrakas Dominickmay Velharath WizardB Tehkitten Cowgirl_Pascoe


Our leader is Commander belefauntes, a loyal and trustworthy soldier.

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