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Rebel Squadrons
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Server Jedi Covenant (PvE)
Leader(s) Daryus Zalyn'cya
Type PVE, some PVP,
Voice none/ Mumble (When we remember to turn it on)

Rebel Squadrons is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The Rebel Squadrons (RS) is an online club centered on the Star Wars universe and dedicated first and foremost to providing a rewarding and fun experience for all of its members. The Rebel Squadrons also strives to cultivate creativity, excellence, and leadership amongst its members, in a manner consistent with the ideals of the Star Wars Republic that it is pledged to defend.

Our club has maintained a dedication to the SW Universe with the successful launching of the RS Guild in Star Wars Galaxies, and prided ourselves on the strength of our guild and its members. This ran one of the most successful Shipwright entities, New Horizon Designs. We intend to carry on that proud tradition in SW:TOR

Our guild will be PvE based, though there will still be a good amount of PvP against our Adversaries and whomever else decides to take a chance on using the dark side against us.

There will be a support structure in place for the resource and item needs in the guild run by our Economic Officer.

Joining the guild

If you are interested in joining our guild, please register at our main site This will give you access to our forums which are required for guild membership. This will also give you the info for our Mumble chat server.

Notable Members

Guild Leader: Daryus Zalyn'cya (In game name: Daryus)

Guild officer/Second in Command: Sienn Sconn (In game name: Daarik)

External links - Our main Gaming site

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