Reign is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on the Sith Empire side.

About the guild

Reign is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on the Sith Empire side. We are a casual-friendly, role-playing lite guild that focuses on establishing a tightly knit, drama-free community with the intention of having fun as our first and foremost priority.

We strive to eliminate the ideals associated with mega-guilds where you are nothing more than a number, forced to specialize your class a certain way to fill a niche, and complicated bureaucracies can get in the way of simply enjoying the game and the guild.

More About Us

Reign is a very well-structured and professional guild, but we never lose sight of the single most important aspect of gaming... FUN! After all, one of the primary reasons to join a guild is to make friends and have people that you know and enjoy to game with. Our members are not required to participate in any one aspect of the game if that is not an aspect of the game that they enjoy. For example, we understand that roleplaying may not be everyone's thing. We do not force roleplaying upon anyone. Each of our members are free to participate in such activities at their leisure. The same is true of PvE/PvP as well. As a guild, we organize activities and events to cover each of those three aspects adequately such that everyone will be able to get their fill.

Reign has a strong mixture of casual and core gamers. It is important to note that while we are casual-friendly, we do hold a modicum of activity guidelines to ensure all of our members remain a part of our community and get to interact with each another regularly. However, it is also important to note that we do not make being in a guild a second job nor do we frown upon anyone who can't make every scheduled guild event or be in Vent 24/7, etc... We fully understand the need for prioritization in people's lives. Many of us have families and obligations outside of the game ourselves. As such, we are very understanding of people's time. We do not require our members to log in daily and spend hours online, participate in X number of raids, etc...

Common courtesy is the foundation of our expectations for Reign's members. We will be respectful of your time and ask that you also be respectful to the guild by participating and playing with your guildmates when you can and desire to.

Guild Features

Reign features...

  • A VERY robust Master/Apprentice system (for Force users) and a Trials system (for non-Force users);
  • A well-developed Medals awards system;
  • Intricate ranking structure with multiple paths of advancement, unique to Force and non-Force users alike;
  • Guild Member of the Month;
  • Monthly Signature Competition;
  • Guild Spotlight Interviews;
  • Full featured website, complete with user-submitted image galleries, blogging, real-time chat, vent status, and character profile creation system.

How to Apply

Applying is easy... simply follow the steps below and you're on your way:

  1. Begin by registering for our forums.
  2. Next, read up on our guild Charter and Code of Conduct to make sure you agree with what we're about.
  3. Post your application in the "Recruitment" section of our forums using the provided application template.

Once you post your application, a Sovereign or guild officer will review your application and if it is found to be fit for processing, will start your trial period as they welcome you to the forums. Note that we typically wait 24 hours after you post your application before initiating your trial period while we do some research. After that, we will upgrade your forum rank to Hopeful, Private, or Crewman Recruit (depending on your primary class). This will enable you access to additional forum sections that will allow you to get to know the guild better and allows the guild to get to know you better as well.

Your trial period will last roughly 14 days (2 full weeks). We say roughly because sometimes things come up and we need to make an exception and extend or decrease the trial period. During the trial period, our members will read your application and confer internally. Some of them may post a good luck wish or even want to ask you additional questions. In the meantime, you can browse our forums. We encourage you to post questions you might have and chime in on the various discussions we may have going on. In short, get familiar with our guild and our members.

During your trial period members will vote vote on your application. They will base their vote on any combination of the following factors:

  • Overall layout of your Application
  • Content of your Application
  • Quantity of your Forum Posts
  • Quality of your Forum Posts
  • How well the guild got to know you as a person
  • Your MMO Experience

This doesn't imply you should flood our forums or present yourself as the founding father of a previous games' greatest guild... just be yourself. While your trial period is conducted, the guild members will be voting on your application. When the number of 'Yes' votes exceeds the number of 'No' votes after the trial period, you will be granted full membership to Reign. Remember, the trial is for you to get to see if we are the right fit for you, as much as it is for us to see if you are fit for us.


You can always view our official roster and find our member count here: [1]

Official Guild Website

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