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Republic Heroes Command
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Server Jedi Covanent
Type PvP/PvE


Republic Heroes Command is a guild established in the Jedi Covenant server for both PvP and PvE purposes. Along with a delightful website , we have a guild bank and a guild flagship and voice communications. Established in the August of 2013 RHC has been running on ever since. The current guild leader is Vishnuk but people such as Dyga have been also known as guild leaders.

Who we are

We are mostly players of all ages and we love to have fun and help and support each other. We do major operations such as Terror From Beyond and Eternity Vault and we love them. We also have players directed on both PvP and PvE Activities even though Jedi Covenant is a PvE server.

How to get an invite

For invites whisper Vishnuk. There are pretty much no restrictions. Just be nice and don't hurt or disturb other people.

Also Please head to our Website Here for More Info!

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