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Revan's Legacy
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server Prophecy of Five (US PvP East)
Leader(s) Madbent
Type Everything. PvP group, optional RP, PvE, Raids, Fun. Open to All Ages. EU, Oceanic, & US.
Voice Ventrilo

Revan's Legacy is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on the Sith Empire side.


Revan's Legacy is aligned with The Sith Empire. They follow directives from the Empire as they strive to grow the influence of the Sith. Our faction, however, originated from disobedience and dissatisfaction with established order. If there is a directive given to us that they do not agree with, they will not hesitate to forge our own path in the galaxy. Our faction is a myriad group of warriors and scholars that have united under the banner of fulfilling Revan’s goal of a secure and stable galaxy.

They feel that the Republic and the Jedi have grown corrupt, complacent, and ineffective. These people cannot keep our galaxy safe. They feel it is their duty to restore and mold the galaxy to what it should be. They are not afraid to do what is necessary to achieve their goals. In their eyes, the ends justify the means. If this means doing less than favorable actions, then so be it. They will achieve a better galaxy through domination.

They are made up of all classes, races, and playing styles. They encourage members to play the classes they desire, as variation will only make them stronger. This faction boils down to Loyalty, Maturity, Respect, and above all else, Fun.


RP,PvP, PvE, Events, Raiding, Parties, etc.

Revan’s Legacy was originally founded by members who have immersed themselves in the storyline. They have carried that principal with them since. They also are heavily drawn to PvP, and will join a PvP server if one is available. In addition, they also do PvE, Raiding, player events, problem solving, and developer events. They even host parties and provide their own online radio station.

Any Restrictions?

No, as mentioned before, Revan’s Legacy encourages each individual to play the game how they see fit. Differing play styles and approaches will only make the guild stronger.

End Goal

Revan’s Legacy is not looking to secure a niche, such as the best market guild or the best fighters or raiders. The end goal is simple. They want to be the best and most dominant faction in Star Wars: The Old Republic. If they aren’t the best in everything, then this is something they will always strive for until they reach our goal.


Yes, the guild is currently looking for mature individuals to join with. The guild is taking applications for members to join. You must first register on the website at Once you have done that, then either click on Guild Application in the top left corner of the website, or follow this link here: Application. This will create an application post on our forums. This forum section is set to invisible, so you can only see your post and no other applicant. This is done for privacy reasons.

If you don’t want to join our faction, feel free to still join our community at [].

Voice Chat

Yes, the guild currently has a Ventrilo server that they use regularly. They find Ventrilo plays a crucial part in running a successful faction. They use Ventrilo to organize ourselves in PvP, RP, Raids, and really any other activity. You are not required to use Ventrilo, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you do use it. If you don’t use it, you will usually find yourself out of the loop and not getting the full experience of being in a faction.

You will need a microphone to be able to talk in Ventrilo, but the guild has had members join our server to listen to others talk, and then respond in chat in game. To download Ventrilo go here: Download Link


The Past

This faction first started back in early 2005 when members of a group called ‘I love Bees’ banded together in the mmo, The Matrix Online, to create a Zionite faction called Morpheus’ Legacy, and providence was made. Many joined the ranks of Morpheus’ Legacy and soon a strong power house emerged. They excelled in any event, puzzle, or storyline that they participated in. While maintaining a strong image in the RP community, they were one of the few that could back our words with actions. They prided ourselves on being one of the top PvP factions in the game. Morpheus’ Legacy won the last Vector Olympics – a server wide PvP competition displaying one’s combat prowess – before the closing of the Matrix Online.

The Present

Shortly before the closing of The Matrix Online, the faction decided to make their new home Star Wars: The Old Republic. They all found ourselves drawn to the dark side of the force and found our philosophies aligned with those of the Dark Lord, Revan. Thus, Revan’s Legacy was born.

The guild then set out to bide our time until its release. The majority of its members temporarily migrated to Star Wars: Galaxies. They have since then migrated to different games. Some members have taken up temporary residence back on their consoles, new games, or in different MMOs. However they have kept our strong group intact through our website while they wait for the release of their new and permanent home.

The Future

They're looking for history to repeat itself on a larger stage in SW:TOR. Their purpose is to be the dominant faction in The Old Republic. They will take up arms and reform the galaxy from corruption under the rule of the Galactic Republic and the Jedi. They will create a strong and secure galaxy. Isn’t that worth fighting for? Isn’t that worth dying for? A new era is about to dawn on the Galaxy.... it is Inevitable.

Member Structure

First and foremost, they do not overly stress rank in our Faction. They are all considered equal and they treat each other with respect. That being said, structure is needed because decisions must be made and organization must be maintained to limit chaos.

Revan’s Legacy is led by five Council members, one of which is appointed as Council Overseer by majority vote of the Council. Each Council member will have their own ship and crew of ten members. In addition, the Council members will be responsible for additional 4-5 ships. Each of these ships will have its own leader. That leader is responsible for up to ten members. Each ship leader will be allowed to have a Second-in-Command.

Revan’s Legacy structure is set up to help maintain control and organization of the faction. This structure will also allow for rapid expansion. There is plenty of room for promotion in the faction. They have found that having this structure allows us to maintain cohesion of the faction consistently over time.

Council Members

Madbent - Council Overseer






Other Leaders



Back Story

Planet: Hutta

The young warrior stood in the doorway of the Hutt’s office counting his earnings from today’s victories. He was making a small fortune from these illegal games in which he participated. The gladiatorial complex had been empty for hours now, but that wasn’t unusual. The young warrior was usually the last person to leave. There hadn’t been much competition for him for at least 3 months now, and really it was an easy way of living. He walked back to his locker room, which he shared with the other thugs and two-bit mercenaries that pretended they were worthy of being called a Mandalorian. Just the thought of the title Mandalorian being shared with such weakness and incompetence was enough to make him sick. His father was worthy of the title of a true Mandalorian Warrior, as was he.

The young warrior took off his combat helmet, sat down next to his locker, and started to pack up his gear. He heard the hiss of the locker room doors slide open, but he didn’t turn around.

“If you want to challenge me,” the young warrior said, “Come back tomorrow. I’m done killing fresh meat for today.”

He continued to pack up his various weapons and equipment, putting each in their designated pockets. He could still sense that, whoever it was, was still in the room with him. The warrior began to get angry, “You have three seconds to leave before I make you regret your idiocy.” Still there was no answer. “One…. Two….” The warrior began to swing around with his blaster in his hand, “Three….”

The young warrior was surprised to see that there were three men in the room with him. Two were wearing dark robes, and the third was wearing expensive Mandalorian body armor.

“That wouldn’t be a wise decision.” The cloaked figure in the middle said. The young warrior studied the three intruders quickly and noticed the two in robes had lightsaber hilts attached to their waste.

‘Jedi?’ he thought to himself. ‘I haven’t seen any Jedi since they all ran away to Tython,’ what were these traitors to the Republic doing in his domain?

“And why exactly is that, Master Jedi?” the young warrior said scoffing at the notion of the title that civilians bestowed upon those traitors. “The only wise decision that you made today was to bring some bounty hunter that had enough money to buy decent Mandalorian armor.”

The middle figure smirked at the insults thrown their way, thinking that indeed this one did have strong emotions. “I’m afraid that you are mistaken, my friend,” the cloaked figure said.

“I’m not your friend,” the young warrior snapped back.

“Of course, a warrior such as yourself cannot afford friends and allies, we understand. There are only enemies, useful stooges, and the occasional *****. Quite a dignified and fulfilling life you lead.” The cloaked figure said.

The young warrior turned back around to finish putting his equipment away. “Well it’s my life, so keep the hell out of it,” he said without looking up from what he was doing.

“Your father was a great Mandalorian, Jacyn. A warrior worthy of the highest accolades in combat. It was… unfortunate what happened to him years ago,” The Cloaked figure said. Jacyn quickly turned back around to face these overzealous intruders.

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” Jacyn said bitterly. The figure in the middle simply smirked at getting the young warrior’s attention. “The Jedi never did provide the reinforcements they said they would, did they? They left your father and countless others to die.”

“The Jedi are nothing more than control seekers! They all want the power and the glory, but when it is time to defend the galaxy they are the last in to battle. My father led an entire clan of Mandalorians! All enemies fell before them, until a group of Sith Warriors proved to best my father’s tired and waning army on the outer rim. So my father reached out for reinforcements from the Jedi. The Jedi never came! They left his army to be slaughtered. I don’t know why my father wanted to help the Republic, many told him that it wasn’t their fight, but he would have none of it. And death and a blind eye were his reward. The Jedi disgust me more than over-sized vermin that run around this forsaken planet!” Jacyn never ceased seething with anger over his father’s death. It was a subject he tried to leave in the past, but on this occasion his true feelings surged through.

“He’ll do,” said the Mandalorian Warrior standing on the left.

“Indeed…” the other cloaked figure on the right agreed. “A warrior such as yourself may not allow oneself the luxury of friendship, but let me offer you something even greater,” the middle cloak figure said, “We are offering you a chance to join us.”

Now annoyed and confused, “What the hell are you talking about? Who are you people?!” Jacyn demanded.

“I apologize, introductions are in order. I am Mercio,” the middle figure said. He lowered the hood on his robe to reveal his face, surprisingly appearing young despite the tone and heft of his voice. “The Mandalorian to my left is Outlaw. Few are quicker with a blaster and none are better with coordinating complex operations. ” Outlaw gave a nod of acknowledgement to the young warrior.

“On my right, is Madbent. A brilliant tactician on and off the battlefield." Madbent lowered his hood and regarded Jacyn with detached bemusement. He was clearly the older of the two humans in Sith garb, and while Mercio seemed to brim with a palpable, excited passion, this one seemed cold... with an unsettling demeanor to match it.

"There are two others of importance that are not with us at this moment. Tonyjaa, who is one of the fiercest warriors I have ever met, and Skybruin, who always provides solutions to our more... vexing obstacles." Mercio continued, "As for me? I am the leader of a group that has existed for some time in the shadows. We were drawn inexorably together by a ideals and principles that we all uphold.”

“And what would those be?” Jacyn asked.

“The same thing your father was fighting for,” Mercio responded.

“The Galactic Republic?” the young warrior asked.

The fallen Jedi Knight chuckled at that notion. “The Galactic Republic is a puppet of the Jedi Order. Your father was fighting for a strong and secure galaxy. The Republic has grown weak and complacent from years of stagnancy. The Jedi were supposed to protect the galaxy. But they barely won the war against Exar Kun, and failed in the Mandalorian War. The Jedi will fail now, as well. The Jedi cannot keep the Galaxy safe. This is why my faction is here. We will ensure there is a strong Galaxy for future generations. We will do what we must to see this happen.”

“Wait, I’m no history professor, but the Jedi and the Republic won the war against my people, the Mandalorians.” Jacyn retorted.

“Truth and history are often never the same story, let that be your first lesson,” Mercio explained.

“I don’t remember asking you for a lesson” the young warrior snapped. Madbent smirked at the defiance and anger in the young warrior's voice.

“The war was never won by the Jedi. It took a determined and independent warrior to defeat the Mandalorians. His name was Revan. While the Jedi wished to bide their time and avoid conflict against the Mandalorian Armada, Revan knew the people, in which he had sworn to protect, were dying by the thousands. Revan was once a Jedi, but turned his back on the order. Just as the Order had done so many times in the past to the people of the Republic, and just like they are doing right now,” the dark Jedi continued, “Revan harnessed the power of the dark side and crushed all those who stood in his way. He was so close to seeing his dream of a strong and peaceful empire come to fruition. The Jedi Order, though, due to sheer luck were able to capture and brain wash the galaxy’s savior. The best of us fell to the trap laid out by the arrogant Jedi. After that, the Jedi were able to continue their reign as the rulers of the galaxy, albeit weak and inept rulers,” Mercio elaborated.

“You sound pretty fond of Revan,” Jacyn said, waiting for the rest of the explanation.

“Our faction is based upon his beliefs, ideals, strengths, and power. Our faction is Revan’s Legacy. The first of us were Revan’s closest advisors and strongest warriors. Once Revan fell into the trap of the Jedi, Revan’s elite banded together with the goal of completing Revan’s vision of creating a strong empire. They saw Malak for the incompetent fool that he was. They would never follow such a weak coward who lacked the foresight to be even half the leader that Revan was,” Mercio explained. Jacyn chuckled at this notion. He remembered all the incompetent employers he had worked for in the past.

“For many generations Revan’s Legacy had been a silent force throughout the galaxy. Throughout the galaxy elections had been won and lost, rulers created and destroyed, and history changed due to our… influence. These small efforts were all just in wait to bide our time until the moment was right. Now Jacyn, the moment is upon us. Our time has come. Revan’s Legacy will emerge from the shadows and become a dominant force throughout the Galaxy. We will transform the galaxy in to a great empire. We shall restore the great name of the Sith. We fundamentally believe that both the Republic and Jedi are corrupt. They have grown weak and complacent in their attempts to maintain a so-called ‘Peace’. The weak will be eliminated by us, the powerful. We will bring forth a better galaxy. There will be Peace… through domination,” Mercio stated.

“That’s quite the ambition. It’s something that I can respect and admire.” Jacyn responded.

“The reason we are here in this…” Mercio looked around in apparent revulsion, “hole, is to offer you an opportunity to join some of the best warriors in the galaxy and a chance to transform our galaxy in to what it should be,” the leader of Revan’s Legacy said.

“But why me?” Jacyn asked the three of them.

“You know and understand the truth of the Jedi. The wool has been pulled from your eyes. You are one of the best warriors and you have the passion to succeed.” Madbent added. “This offer is not extended to everyone. You’re one of few that we have offered this opportunity.”

“If you wish to join us, come to the location on the device,” Outlaw tossed a small location device to Jacyn, “by tomorrow night,” Madbent explained.

"You have the mark of true greatness about you, do not miss your chance," Mercio added before he put his hood up, as well. The three then made their exit, leaving Jacyn alone in the room with only the blinking location device and his thoughts.

A couple minutes passed by before the young warrior packed up the rest of his equipment and left the complex, probably for the last time, he thought to himself. Unlike every night for the last three months, he would not be going to the local cantina. Jacyn was heading home to pack up the rest of his equipment and to get a night of restless sleep. For tomorrow, was the start of his new life…. A life with purpose. He was going to help build the galaxy that his father gave his life for. Jacyn was going to help build his new empire.

Social Media

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Video Hub

All of our current videos in 1 location. These videos show current points of view from Revan's Legacy members and the different classes they plan to play. Voices are from RL members as well.

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