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Rise from Ruin
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server The Harbinger
Leader(s) Graidon
Type PVE
Voice Teamspeak 3

Rise from Ruin (formerly known as RUIN) is a Sith Empire-aligned Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on The Harbinger server. Consisting of a friendly group of casual-to-hardcore gamers, Rise from Ruin focuses on Star Wars: The Old Republic, but members also focus on other titles such as [ The War Z].

About Rise from Ruin

Rise from Ruin, led by the Ruinous leader: Graidon, is mainly focused on PVE content (Operations are scheduled at least twice per week, but we often throw together a group for the fun of it), however many members also enjoy the PVP aspects of the game.

Guild Ranks

Non-Officer Rankings:
Ruinitiate - New member of Rise from Ruin
Disciple of RUIN - Signed up on the website, participates in group missions
Aspect of RUIN - Adds to the guild bank, helps other Ruinites out, actively participates in operations, contributes to the forums

Officer Rankings:
Pestillence of RUIN - Low-level Officer, shows exceptional qualities of an Aspect</br>
Herald Of RUIN - Officer responsible for recruiting</br>
Quartermaster - Like a military quartermaster, responsible for keeping track of guild bank resources, distributing items, and managing the guild bank</br>
Wrath of RUIN - Shows exceptional qualities of a Pestillence; helps the guild out substantially

Raid Leader - Reserved for a select one or two; runs high-priority raids/operations

Voice of RUIN - Reserved for a select one or two; speaks for the leader
Ruinous Leader - The guild leader

What makes a Ruinite?

Generally, the bulk of our members would be considered "hardcore" gamers, but we all understand real-life takes priority over everything SW:TOR related. Overall, Ruinites are friendly people, always willing to help you out, group up, and poke fun at one another in good spirits. Here are some qualifications we look for in Ruinites:

  • Friendly - Do you blame people each time your health drops below 50%? Or do you like to joke around and be social?
  • Mature - Most of us are 18+, but there are a few under 18 who demonstrate maturity. Pick your nose? Eh...we'll probably still take you
  • Helpful - Are you in just for your self? Why are you even in a guild??!!!!
  • Punctual - Cause no one likes waiting for that 8th person
  • Respectful - We don't tolerate insults.
  • Fun-Seeking
  • Willing to Learn - We all make mistakes, and all start off new at some point; keep in mind we are all here to help each other out and accomplish together!

Joining Rise from Ruin

Good team player? We want you! Friendly Helpful player? We want you! Sexual deviant? We want you! Caring mother? We want you! Damn dirty ape? I wont complain! Drunk? We want you man, because your like, the best!

Sign up! Be Proud! Drink the blood of your enemies with their skulls! Never Give up! Never Surrender! (insert motivational speech here) If you feel you meet the qualifications, we would be happy to consider your application! We don't bite (okay, most of us don't bite) and we are always excited to gain new members. Send us an application at -> click on Recruitment and let us know you saw this! Or, talk to Morghulisbane in game!

Notable Members

  • Molnock - Voice of Rise from Ruin; former leader of SWTOR guild
  • Graidon - Rise from Ruin's current SWTOR leader

Forums & Website

The guild's forums are located at the website: These forums contain a variety of topics and threads, ranging from SW:TOR PVE and GW2 PVP to good music and real-life stories. There is also a chat box found on the website where you can post generally for everyone to see.

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