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Rise of the Sith'ari
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server Kaiburr Crystal
Leader(s) Baelor Dracarys, Astahak of the Frozen Tundra
Type PvE, Social, RP

Rise of the Sith'ari is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Our guild was founded in May of 2012, by four experienced, but rather junior members of the SWTOR Universe. We found our interest in the Sith'ari through KOTOR, and continued to study it/them. We found that Sith'ari were what the Sith called the perfect beings destined to bring balance to the force. Considering our members were all heroes, (as all SWTOR players are) we decided to dedicate our guild to balancing conflicts with equal light and dark side members, as well as varied classes.

Joining the guild

To join our Guild or to inquire further, please contact Astahak, Vulnah, or Baelor by mail. Mention this article to skip your first trial!

Notable Members

Baelor Dracarys - Overlord(Guildmaster) of the guild.
Astahak of the Frozen Tundra - Sith Enforcer of the guild, and leader of the council.
Ygritte Spartiate - Medical Officer and junior council member.

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