Ruthless is a Swedish Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

As of May 2015 the guild is still very active.

We are recruiting Swedish players, whether you play casual or hardcore, PvP or PvE doesn’t matter, all are welcome to our awesome community!

About the guild

Ruthless is an all-Swedish Swtor guild playing on the Empire side on the server Tomb of Freedon Nadd.

Via our community web page, we have access to great tools such as TeamSpeak, forums and an event manager. We are active within both PvE and PvP and we encourage our players to take initiatives to start new groups or fun events, either spontaneous via TS or guild chat or planned via our event manager. Each year we also have a number of IRL events where we are given the chance to meet each other.

The guild currently has two active raid groups progressing through the hardest content the game has to offer. We are looking for dedicated players to expand these groups and maybe even form a third raid group. We also look for players to form a ranked PvP team in order to make our presence well known in the arena.

The guild aims to be the natural choice for all Swedish SWTOR players. Our atmosphere is warm and welcoming, regardless of previous experience. We are not focusing on any particular role or class in the guild but are looking for mature, fun and decent people.

We do not require our members to have a certain skill within gaming, we do, however, encourage our members to do their absolute best both in PvE and PvP content. We believe that each and everyone of us can improve both as a player and as a human being.

The guild focuses on: PvE, PvP, leveling, progression, achievement runs, ranked arena and fun social gaming.

Sounds interesting? For more information please visit our website or contact one of our officers for a chat.

Brief History

Ruthless was founded in 2010 as a SWTOR guild, we were then the first all-Swedish guild. In 2012 management along with members chose to transform Ruthless into a Multi-Gaming Community. This meant that we were no longer only tied to SWTOR but created new sections for games that members wanted to play together.

Today Ruthless has over 1,000 active members and is present in many different games. We also have external sponsors and partnerships that benefit our members. In addition to playing games together we aim to have many different IRL events each year.

The goal of Ruthless is to remain Sweden's most welcoming, funniest and best community for all, regardless of gaming experience, gender or age.

Joining the Guild

Want to join the most active and oldest all-Swedish guild?

 Since we are very keen on preserving our good atmosphere within the guild we use an application form in order to get to know you a little bit before inviting you in-game. Therefore, in order to apply first please register an account on our website and then fill out our brief application form.


Check our website for a complete list of officers.

It's okay to contact us either directly in-game via whisper or via our website.

Guild Statistics

Members: 100+

Average Age: ca. 26

Focus: PvE, PvP, leveling, progression, achievement runs, ranked arena and fun social gaming.

Raid Groups: 2 active atm but we are looking to expand with a 3:rd.

Ranked PvP teams: None atm though we are looking for dedicated players willing to form a team.

Perks: 10% Xp bonus, 10% reputation bonus, guild bank, guild ship and guild stronghold.

Some of Our Progress

5/5 Terror From Beyond Nim (Timed Run + bonus boss)

7/7 Scum and Villany Nim (Timed Run + bonus boss)

5/5 Dread Fortress Nim (Gate Crasher Timed run)

5/5 Dread Palace Nim

4/5 Ravagers HM

4/5 Temple of Sacrifice HM

Playing Republic

If by any chance you have managed to resist the dark side´s cookies and fallen prey to the light side and play republic, no worries. As a compliment to Ruthless we also have a guild playing on the Republic side going by the name Righteous.

Therefore even if u play Republic you are still equally welcome into our awesome community.

External links

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