SPECTRE is the most sinster force in all the Star Wars: The Old Republic galaxy and shot be feared by all.


SPECTRE (Sith Premier Executive Council for Transgression, Retribution, and Extermination) is a galactic black ops organization bent on the destruction of all Jedi and Jedi Society. SPECTRE began as a small group of vagrants and vagabonds, exiled by the Jedi for what the Jedi called a "rejection of, and criminal action against Jedi ideals." Over time, they became a vast intergalactic organization with its own SPECTRE planetary training base.


SPECTRE was founded by a group of former members of the Special Dark Forces and now it includes the most corrupt imperial, planetary, and local Sith officers, as well as ex-Jedi. This group of highly trained dark force users was first hired as a private army and bodyguard for Darth Mekhis. After the arrest and execution of the SPECTRE's leader, Darth Drogo as well as other events, SPECTRE has taken a more active role in recruiting the most deadly Sith to become members of their elite organization.

To Apply: Login to the SWTOR website. Go to the Guilds page. Look for SPECTRE and hit apply. Membership will remain open to all interested until the game has been offically released. Afterwhich SPECTRE will be invite only to the most blackest of hearts.

Military Force

  • 16,749,300 Loyal SPECTRE Assassins
  • 36,000 Yamamoto Battle Cruisers
  • 12,375 SPECTRE Battle Carriers and 200,309 SPEC-Fighters


  • Darth Mekhis (Deceased)
  • Darth Drogo (Deceased)
  • Serpentor (Imprisoned)

Special Operatives

  • Beauty and Intelligence Divison: Natalie Portman
  • Badass Division: Donnie Yen
  • Lead Enforcer: Megatron

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