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Sacred Silver Blades
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Server Hedarr Soongh
Leader(s) Connochbar
Type US East PVP

Sacred Silver Blades is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.


To gather together kindred souls of good alignment, who wish to defeat evil. This will be accomplished by assisting new players, developing the power of the guild and its resources, and direct conflict with evil located throughout the realms. Above all we will maintain the highest levels of honesty, integrity, respect, and chivalry.

SSB is a good aligned PvP (Player vs Player) oriented guild. We populate gaming worlds selecting servers that best support this vision. In games that involve a division of races/classes (or any other qualifier) that can be interpreted as a "good vs evil" approach we will always be on the "good" side.


1. Promote the Sacred Silver Blades whenever the opportunity presents itself. An effort needs to be made to enlist only quality people into our guild. If you are a approached by a likely recruit, ask the individual why they are interested in joining (this should only be done after gaming with that individual for a while.) If the prospect shows continued interest, forward them to the website where they can fill out the application, register for guild boards, and introduce themselves. This application is entered into a database and maintained for record, a post is made in the administration board, and the appropriate Guild leader is notified (chapter/game dependant.)

2. If possible, stockpile choice items for other guild members, but only if you do not use them. You are never required to give items away, but giving unneeded and/or rare items to the SSB vault is a very helpful deed for the newer or less advanced members.

3. Help even non-guild members whenever possible, and give unneeded items to new players whenever you can. Remember new characters need all the help they can get and this is a wonderful guild promotion.

4. Read an post on the guild boards. Keep in mind that for SSB to maintain a strong guild, it must have active members. It is requested that all guild members post at least twice every week (this is on honor.) Remember this is important and needed to maintain our communication. The above requirements are a minimum and everyone can make as many quality posts as they see fit.

5. Participation in role-play folder is optional. It is required that all posts to the RP board be in role-playing format since this is a separate board. Your posts may consist of exploits in the realm, requests for advancement, almost anything guild-related.

6. SSG Recognition: Wear the Guild Colors (Blue and Silver.) It is not required, but will assist in recognizing guild members on the battlefield during times of war. It is also required that you have your rank and/or position in your character description if possible. This assists new members to the guild, and assists outsiders that know of SSB.

7. Rules of Law. All matters requiring a decision affecting the guild as a whole or its structure will be brought before the High Council. Any member whose behavior is deemed by the High Council and/or Game Council to reflect negatively on, or not otherwise n the best interest of the Sacred Silver Blades, is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including explusion.

8. Hacking is not accepted at all. Any member found to be be knowingly using/distributing/or developing any item, material, or software which is hacked, or that illegally alters any portion of any game will be dismissed.

9. Common sense and courtesy rule. SSB is a good/helpful guild and should display this in your actions and speech. This includes your actions and comments on any public forum.

10. The Sacred Silver Blades is designed to be an "all-inclusive" guild. In game worlds where there is an official SSB presence, it is expected that a majority of your online game time be spent with SSB in the official chapter. The avatar that most closely reflects your Guild Board Name must be tagged SSB. Membership in another guild on this server is discouraged and subject to approval of the Game Council. Detagging any SSB tagged avatar without priorr coordination with the appropriate game council will be seen as quitting SSB.

11. PvP. This decision is left up to each individual, and will not be mandatory or restricted regardless of level, rank, or position. Keep in mind we are a good guild and your battles should reflect this. When a guild-mate is in PvP distress, all reasonable efforts should be made to assist.

12. Enjoy! The whole idea behind this guild is to enjoy the friendships made and shared through combined adventuring, role-playing, and teamwork. If we cannot achieve this then all else is a failure as well.

Joining the guild

Contact a guild member and get a referral for membership.

Visit guild website at

Any guild member that is of Knight rank or higher may refer an applicant.

Register for the forums.

Fill out a Guild Application in the forms tab:

Applicants will be contacted via email or in game to be interviewed for membership.



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