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Servants of the Shrub
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Galactic Republic
Server Shien
Leader(s) Council
Type Casual / RP

Servants of the Shrub is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the Servants of the Shrub

The Servants of the Shrub is a Casual gaming guild originally founded during the Star Wars Galaxies Beta Test. Forming a pseudo-religion around a graphical glitch (causing an in-game shrub to float above the Tatooine Desert approximately 12 feet), the Shrubbites value fun, friendship and family. The Servants of the Shrub maintain an active forum and community presence.

Becoming a Shrubbite

Shrub Origins


Moving back in time from the Shrubbite story centered around the period of turmoil in the Galactic Civil War between the Empire and the Rebellion in Star Wars Galaxies to the period of war between the Sith and the Jedi in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Shrubbites sought to fill the gap in the lore and legend of the Shrub. These are the stories of the Shrub Origins written by those very Shrubbites who undertook the mission during this period of darkness, lost for centuries to all of us. Each story is unique and yet combined with each other, they spin a tale of such epic proportions that it is easy to imagine yourself taking your place among the Shrubbites and discovering your story as it relates to the most Holy of Holy Floating Shrubs.

"Long live the Shrub, may its branches never touch the ground!"

Servants of the Shrub FAQ


Q. What is the Shrub?

A. The Holy Floating Shrub began as a simple programming glitch during the Star Wars Galaxies Beta Test that left a piece of ground decoration (a small shrub) floating above the ground. It was discovered and fixed during a polish pass, but it instantly gained a following with forum-goers equating it to a "sign from the force" (seems they were just as bored as we were waiting for launch, and just looking for something fun to joke about). The most vocal among its followers formed the Servants of the Shrub. The Holy Floating Shrub likely existed for only a few hours in any real sense, but the fun we had discussing and "worshiping" it and the friendships formed in its honor have endured across years and miles. The guild has boasted members from across all States and 7 different countries.

Q. Umm... ok. But seriously, what is the Shrub?

A. The Shrub is an idea. Its a feeling. Its the smile at the corner of your mouth when you read a post from someone you've never met, but it sounds like you could have written it yourself. Its the deep exhale you release after winning a difficult battle and your friends are still standing by your side. Its the laughter you let loose while having a beer (or soda for minors) face to face with your Shrub Brother or Sister discussing Moltar's latest exploits. Its fun. Its friendship. Its family. Wisdom, Peace and Love. That is the Shrub.

Q. How old is the guild?

A. The guild was founded in 2002 during the Star Wars Galaxies Beta Test. We've been gaming together, in some form, since that time.

Q. What is the primary focus of the Guild?

A. The most accurate answer is "Everything". While some guilds want to be an exclusively PvP, RP or a Raid Guild, the Servants of the Shrub strives to experience all that The Old Republic has to offer as far as gameplay. Our primary focus is ensuring that our members have fun and enjoy all aspects of the game.

Q. You're described as a "Role Play" guild. Will I have to be in character all the time?

A. The simple answer is No. Role play is encouraged, but not mandatory or enforced. Because the Shrub has such a rich story, it lends itself very easily to casual or hardcore roleplay, and many members may find themselves engaging in RP without even realizing it. To learn more about our history as a Player Association in Star Wars Galaxies, read the SWG Wiki Entry here: Servants of the Shrub (PA) SWG Wiki To read more about the Shrub and its mysteries, read the Shrub Origin stories here: Holy Shrub Origins

Q. What type of Server will the guild choose?

A. While our members could easily be at home on any type of server, we have chosen to locate on the RP-PVE server Shien.

Q. Why a reference to a SWG beta glitch? There's no real Shrub in the Star Wars Cannon. Aren't you going to break my immersion into the SWTOR Story?

A. Those of you who feel we may break your immersion... consider this: What is a Jedi? A Jedi, besides being the MOST popular part of Star Wars culture, is a religion. Religion is human nature... there are those without it, but the vast majority of the world population believe in a higher power. Now, Han Solo even said himself that there is no one all powerful force controlling his destiny. This is probably not an un-popular idea within Star Wars... many people feel that the Jedi is a "Hokey Religion". The Jedi certainly do not believe this. We can compare the followers of the Shrub to the Jedi in this way.

Of course, George Lucas didn't write the Shrub into Star Wars, but for you players out there who fear we will break your immersion... ask yourself this: If you were in the middle of the desert and saw a Shrub floating in mid air... with no wires, no repulsar lifts, no force at all holding it up... what would you believe? Add to this the fact that you were perhaps wandering for days without seeing any sign of water or food. Is it a sign? Is it a higher power? Perhaps many would not think so... perhaps they would attribute it to something else, but then... there are those who would certainly call it a sign. We are those people.

If you wish to role-play against us and call us crazy then that is your right... and we welcome non believers because it adds another dimension to our experience. We can only serve to enrich your role-playing experience. Think of it!

You're sitting in a Cantina on Tatooine when a man dressed in tattered robes comes in off the street. He sidles up to the bar and orders a drink next to you. After taking a few swigs he looks at you and begins to strike up a conversation. Abruptly.. he asks you, "Have you heard the call of the Shrub my friend?"

Now, you as a player have two choices... you can either:

A. Say: "Oh brother not another one of you stupid Shrub guild freaks again. No one's heard of you for 8 years. When are you people going to learn that the Shrub was just a bug and not even one from this game. Stupid freaks... quit beating a dead horse... /ignore"

B. Say: "The Shrub? What are you talking about? Oh... right, you're one of those crazy Shrub people from the desert aren't you? Why don't you guys give it up? There is no 'all-powerful' Shrub... and certainly not a Shrub that a good blaster or vibro-axe couldn't take care of. Now get out of my face you Shrub loving freak."

As you can see.. the Shrub makes for a very interesting role-play opportunity... and it can be immensely fun for both sides. That's what we're all about. I hope this will give you a feel for the great-group of players we have here.

Q. Is your guild "Hardcore"?

A. We are honestly like a big family here, newcomers are always warmly greeted and even those who oppose us find us friendly. We offer the hand of friendship to all who would take it. We want to experience all that Star Wars: The Old Republic has to offer, and that will include organized endgame content. It is FAR more important to us that our members enjoy themselves than to be achieving "server firsts" or other types of heavily competative titles.

Q. What types of activities will the guild offer to members?

A. Our Guild has always been well known for organizing and running member and community events, and SWTOR will be no different. Currently we are planning on running a variety of PvE, PvP and RP events for both members of the guild and the community at large. Examples of guild events might include: Scheduled Flashpoint and Operation runs, PvP Nights, Dueling Contests, Screenshot and Video Contests, Scavenger Hunts, Shrub Pilgrimages and More. Community Events have previously included: Objective Based Scenario PvP Events, Holiday Giveaways/Contests, and Writing Contests.

Q. What is your Raid/Operation schedule?

A. Our Raid/Operation Schedule is set by our members to accomidate the many varied schedules and responsibilities involved with real life and real locations. Itching to gather a posse of Shrubbites to take down the Dewback of Incredible Size set the time and date and it will be so.

Q. Do I have to raid or have "mad skillz" to be a member?

A. Absolutely not. The Shrub welcomes players of all ages and playstyles. We are a group of friends first and foremost, and we want you to have fun. All guild events are voluntary. We do require all members to be mature and respectful. The 13 Commandments of the Holy Floating Shrub may be found here: Commandments of the Shrub We also ask that all members stay active on our website, as this is where most guild information will be posted. Are you fun and friendly? Do you enjoy playing Star Wars: The Old Republic? We want you!

Q. Will I be expected to play a particular race/spec/class?

A. No. Because our members enjoyment is our primary goal, you may play any race/class/spec you desire. It may be easier for some Advanced Class specs to get into groups than others, but there are no mandatory Advanced Class requirements for group participation.

Q. Does the guild have a voice chat program?

A. Yes. We have an established Mumble server. We also have access to overflow Ventrilo and Teamspeak servers as needed.

Q. Will voice chat be a requirement of membership?

A. Voice chat (listening) will be required for participation in Guild Sponsored Raids/Operations. Voice chat is not required for any other activities in-game, although it is encouraged.

Q. What ranking system do you use?

A. Because of our unique system of government, there is very little need for multiple ranks between members. We do have two set ranks of Guild Chapter Leader (leader) and Chapter Council Member (officer) to direct the day to day operations of game chapter management.

Q. Who's in charge of the guild?

A. The Servants of the Shrub are directed by a Council. When decisions are put the the guild as a whole, the membership votes democratically. The Council occasionally appoints members to administer guild events and/or departments. This is done on an as-needed basis.

Q. What type of player are you looking to recruit?

A. Do you love Star Wars? Do you want to participate in guild activities? Can you conduct yourself in a mature and positive manner? If you're a player who wants to enjoy the game and make some great friends, we want you!

Q. How much time will I be expected to dedicate to the guild?

A. You can be as active as you choose to be. You can design and implement your own guild events, participate in any guild event you choose or simply wear the guild tag. It is entirely up to you, however, the less you interact with the other members, the more likely that you'll miss out on what makes this guild great. We do require our members to periodically check in on the guild website for guild news and information at .

Q. How do I join?

A. Go to and register to be a member. Afterwards complete the Journey of the Shrubbite for full membership into one of our gaming chapters.

Q. Holy Cow the Servants of the Shrub sound AWESOME! But I'm a Sith. What do I do?

A. Never fear. The Shrub welcomes all. The Shrub is above petty jealousies and political leanings. Joining at does not obligate you to either the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire. The "Servants of the Shrub" in-game will be aligned with the Galactic Republic, however there is a sister guild Shadow of the Shrub for the Sith Empire. If you're a full-time Sith, but want to be a member of our community, register at our site and participate in our forums. You may just be chosen to grow the Shrub's Imperial ranks!

Previous Leadership Structure


When the Servants of the Shrub began in the pre-beta days of SWG the guild was a single game oriented entity. This caused a very simple yet effective style of government to evolve based around SWG's various beginning skill tree sets. The guild was headed by a High Prophet who assumed the overall leadership role and management of the guild. Under the High Prophet sat the Shrub Council who like the High Prophet shared in the multiple roles of leadership and were the main voting bloc of members affecting guild decisions. Each council member chaired one of seven sub departments combined with the High Prophet arriving at a council of eight total.

These departments were:
  • High Prophet
  • Treasury and Economy
  • Military (Knights of the Shrub)
  • Crafting and Engineering
  • City Development
  • Medical
  • Public Relations
  • Entertainment

Each department held various assistant positions to help in the management of each which allowed for an additional layer of guild management to extend the ability of members to participate in the overall guild leadership structure.

In reality these separate departments were little more then names attached to a council member as the customization allowed in SWG gave members the ability to spec outside their starting classes often branching into more then one department. This complicated interwoven web of skill trees further negated the purposes for having departments associated with in-game structures as members advanced to higher and higher abilities. However several departments remained viable most notability the Public Relations and City Development departments which either had a sole focus in game such as the management of the Servants of the Shrub player city of Ostium Vepres or a broad mission to spread the word of the Shrub in all mediums possible including the website.

Current Leadership Structure


Leadership tree

Our meta-guild structure is very loose, primarily consisting of our Leadership Council that directs the general operations of the guild. Under the Council, we have appointed groups like Shrub Outreach (recruiting), News Team and Web Development.

Within each game guild, there is a Game (TOR, WOW, Etc) Leadership Council that has representation on the meta-guild council. Under that game leadership council are positions like Event Coordinator (multiple types), Raid Coordinator/Leader, In-game Recruitment Coordinator, Non-raid Group Coordinator (PvE or PvP), and many more. New division coordinators can be added or changed as the in-game council desires. Its very fluid yet everyone knows who's in charge of each particular function at any given time.

The In-game Council is subject to regular elections, and they are voted on by popular vote (democratically). The meta-guild Council (9 Founding or Veteran Members) is subject to elections when a position becomes vacant either by retirement or extended absence. They are filled by election and voted on by the remaining Meta-guild councillors based on nominations of the members.

Shrub Slogans

Shrub Flag

  • Sotto Un Arbusto!
  • Join the Green Side of the Force!
  • Have you heard the call?
  • No Shrub, No Shoes, No Service
  • Shrubs: It's been written that.. wait. Is that written on parchment? YOU MURDERER
  • Sanctus tristique virgultum ("Holy Floating Shrub")

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