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Server Health Alliance
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Cross-Faction
Leader(s) Darkangelos
Type Multi-Guild Alliance

The Server Health Alliance (SHA) is not a guild, but a cross-faction multi-guild initiative located on The Swiftsure. Its purpose is to establish and maintain a healthy and stable server environment.

About the Alliance

From experience with "bad launches" in titles like Rift and Warhammer, we've decided to start the Server Health Alliance (SHA). Having multiple strong PvE and PvP guilds for each faction at launch can help sustain a server and its integrity.

The Server Health Alliance goals are:

1. Create the "best" US West PvP Server. We believe that putting several reputable Republic/Sith guilds on the same server will promote future growth. We want to build a server that fosters friendly competition and a respectful community.

2. Move the server faction balance closer to 1:1, create a healthier than average server for PvE raiding, PvP rated battlegrounds, and open-world PvP competition. The Empire guilds will be in a web, and Republic guilds will join the web after launch. This method not only allows us to place all the Empire guilds within the initial 1:2 ratio of Phase 2, but allows for Republic numbers to then be placed outside of that same 1:2 ratio. The result is everyone of our Republic members is a direct addition, bringing to the Republic side ratio closer to 1:1.

The SHA contains over 500 hardcore PvE and/or PvP players in over 12 guilds.


The SHA was initially conceived of and created by Darkangelos of Guild:Strictly Business several months prior to the official launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Two of the largest republic guilds invited to join the SHA rejected the proposition- Indignation and Nova Corps. During Indignation's multi-guild meeting, SHA sent 0 representatives, while future Indignation allies Nova Corps and The Earthbound were not only in attendance, but in agreement that the SHA was poorly planned and would ultimately be bad for any server that housed it. SHA was told that the zerg nature of the alliance combined with a willingness to undermine Bioware's guild placements would create significant issues for any server it housed.

On December 12, 2011, the founding guilds of the SHA formally declared the launch of the Alliance on The Swiftsure. As noted, the SHA zerged the server, which also housed the Republic guilds that declined SHA's invitation. While this alone caused some issues, the server was also declared the unofficial Oceanic server. This lead to The Swiftsure having the longest queues of any of the launching server, with wait times up to 4 hours, thus proving that despite it's name, the Server Health Alliance was a detriment to its host server due to poor planning and undermining Bioware's pre-launch guild assignments.

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