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Shadow Guard
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server TBA
Leader(s) Classified
Type PvP-RP
Voice Ventrilo

Shadow Guard is a Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP-RP guild. Click here to see our official recruiting thread.

About the guild

Shadow Guard has existed in many forms and games since our original founding in 1999.

Star Wars: The Old Republic starts the latest chapter in the ongoing Shadow Guard legacy. The Shadow Guard has always sought highly skilled adventurers to add to our military might, and now that the Great Galactic War has ended with the defeat of the Republic, we invite those seeking power, glory, and legacy to join with us--to become a part of something greater than any one individual--in fulfilling our ultimate purpose during these years of Cold War.

Our prime focus is to enjoy our time in SWTOR in a highly immersive environment on a designated PvP-RP server. Our guild has rules, but we are not harsh taskmasters. We do not demand a minimum playtime or punish our members for being casual gamers. We have hardcore players as well as occasional players living among us in friendship. Both role-players and the role-play friendly call us home. If you are a mature PvP player who wishes to contribute to and grow with our organization, we invite you to visit our official web site at to learn more.

Joining the guild

If you are interested in applying for membership with the Shadow Guard, learning a little about our guild history would be a good place to start. Click here to learn more.

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