Shadow Legion is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Shadow Legion was formed with the idea that raiding and other group content should be fun, not a screaming match. We strive to clear content, but without demeaning our members in the process. Outside of raiding, we are a casual/social guild that enjoys playing all aspects of a game. We have members who enjoy the harvesting/crafting side of the game. As well as those who enjoy PvP and exploring. We welcome all types of players.

Our leadership, Drast & Shaemus, have been playing together for over 2 years, starting in World of Warcraft, where we ran a raiding guild together until the launch of The Old Republic.

Personally (Drast), I have played many, many MMO's over the years. I Started with Ultima Online, and moved on to other games, such as: Shadowbane, Evequest 2, WoW, LotRO and Aion, just to name a few. I love the PvE aspect of games, as well as exploring the game world, and if I find the mechanics enjoyable, PvP.

In The Old Republic, Shadow Legion is planning to raid as soon as we have a sufficient number of members capable. We will not be requiring players to rush through, or skip dialogues, to get to max level. We want you to enjoy the story, and your journey through the game.

We are not a traditional "hardcore" raiding guild, but we do expect a certain level of commitment from our raiders. We like to joke and have a good time, but when it's time for raid, put your game face on, and let's do it right.

We are also open to casual players, who may not be able to, or don't want to raid.

Joining the guild

Visit to apply.



Drast - GM

Shaemus - Officer

Other members

[5:35:49 PM] (Channel) Drast: -Drast- Adlahna, Bergill, Bishop1, Bryea, Darkkon278, Eucerine, Halifaxag, jeffn1968, jreg, Katsinaa, Lynchmobbb, mitha3111, moonwolf00, Rhylor, sardaxeous, shadowfox457, Skippa32, Sojua, Stevieruffles, tumblerumblestumble, VVipeOut,

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