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Shadow's Grasp
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Empire
Server Kath Hound
Leader(s) Tulros
Type PvE, PvP, Light RP

Shadows Grasp is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About Shadow's Grasp

Founded January 3rd 2012, our objective is to provide players with a mature and enjoyable environment. We have a strong passion for PVE progression and have several successful groups. No matter what your interest, we're sure you'd find this a happy home.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining please check out our site and "Apply to Guild". Also, contact one of the following Guild Contact: Tulros

Our site:


We currently have three Operations groups.


Neophyte Fusion:

Tuesday new & ungeared members. 16s Regular mode

Dread Vanquishers:

Wed/Friday Hard mode 16s

Eternal Abyss:

Thursday Nightmare 8s

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