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Sith Preservation
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server The Red Eclipse
Leader(s) Nexuth
Type Endgame Progression

Sith Preservation is an Imperial Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on The Red Eclipse server.

Dynamic gen

Sith Preservation, with strong RP roots, is a endgame progression guild on 'The Red Eclipse' server focusing on PvE and PvP such as uprisings, operations and PvP. While we're focused on completing the standard goals within the Old Republic, we're focused on completing unique and special targets too. Members within the guild like to find unique world firsts such as downing the Coruscant's world boss on their Imperial toons or become focused on the completion of achievements.

From 9/12/2016, Sith Preservation is aiming to obtain all of their operation based players the chance to complete all story mode operations, most hard mode operations alongside hard mode monolith alongside certain nightmare bosses; When these targets are hit, we will be willing to develop skills in all Nightmare operations.

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Joining the guild

In order to join Sith Preservation please head over to and apply via the website and a quick message to one of the leaders.

Notable Members (Quick view)

Nexuth - Nexuth is the GM of Sith Preservation which large amounts of experience being a Guild Master within SWTOR. His knowledge of the game is very high standard with excellent leading skills.

Androidcedric - Androidcedric currently holds the 'Master Council' rank - A keen operations player & PvP Marauder.

Thanuil - Thanuil is a mainly PvE Sorc, a valuable asset to any operations team he joins. A team leader and an example of how a SWTOR player should be.

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