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Sith Preservation
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server The Red Eclipse
Leader(s) Nex***
Type Social and Advancement

Sith Preservation is an Imperial Star Wars: The Old Republic guild on The Red Eclipse server.

Dynamic gen

Sith Preservation's goal is PvE progression in each mode of operations. Currently but at subject to change depending on demand the guild complete operations at small mode or Hardmode settings at around 18:00 GMT every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The guild is aiming to put a push on 4.0 Nim and the harder HM OPS bosses in the summer of 2016.

Thought Sith Preservation's eyes are set on PvE, members within the guild complete Warzones on a common basis.

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Joining the guild

In order to join Sith Preservation please head over to and apply via the website and a quick message to one of the leaders.

Notable Members (Quick view)

Nexuth - Nexuth is the GM of Sith Preservation which large amounts of experience being a Guild Master within SWTOR. His knowledge of the game is very high standard with excellent leading skills.

Androidcedric - Androidcedric currently holds the 'Master Council' rank - A keen operations player & PvP Marauder.

Thanuil - Thanuil is a mainly PvE Sorc, a valuable asset to any operations team he joins. A team leader and an example of how a SWTOR player should be.

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