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Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server Sith Wyrm

Stargeezers is looking for additional, mature, older gamers any level/class.Stargeezers is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Stargeezers is a community of older gamers, mature in attitude and nature, who are mindful, generous, and appreciative of other members.  We are a place for those who are beginning players and/or  have been through the guild ciruit before and have pieces of what they consider a good community.

We were founded by a core-group of friends who have all been in successful guilds throughout many different games who had decided they wanted to make a place that was more about having fun and less about the pressure of some hard-core raiding guilds. We are looking for older mature players 35+, people of character, those who understand what respect is, what boundaries are, what it means to not value drama over reason, those who are looking for a place to make friends and, and those that are interested in having fun. You may contact/visit with one of our officers (Mirosanis, Eclicpe, Alrisha, Keylnn) in-game by using our recruit channel: type /cjoin stargeezers or visit our website to fill out an application.

Joining the guild

We encourage you to do two major things.  First, register with guildlaunch and then fill out an application from our front page.  Second, post in our forums and get to know us. 

Also if you have questions you may contact one of our officers (Mirosanic, Eclipce, Alrisha) in game.

Notable Members

The founders are Mirosanic and Eclipce, long time friends. Each has been a guild leader at one time or another and have years of experience with players in this setting.

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