Stay Classy is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Stay Classy, Galactic Republic Guild

First, some questions…

Have you ever wanted to be in a guild focused on unity and positivity?

Have you ever been frustrated by the maturity level of your prior MMO guilds?

Have you ever been frustrated by the skill level of your prior MMO guilds?

Have you ever been frustrated by the indecision, drama, or in-fighting of your prior MMO guilds?

Do you like to make your own character choices without being hassled or harassed?

Do you like to choose how long and how often you want to play, without being hassled or harassed?

Do you want to have real tangible rights within your guild?

Do you want guild rules to be enforced fairly and uniformly?

Do you want your guild’s management to listen and care about your opinions?

Do you want to explore and thrive in ALL aspects of the game alongside your guild?

Do you want to receive loot fairly, without feeling as though you've lost out?

Do you want to be steeped in professionalism?

Will you be loyal to a guild that is loyal to you?

Will you put your guild first?

If you answered yes to ALL of these questions, then you just might be a good candidate for “Stay Classy” alongside some really fun people. Stay Classy is a new type of guild; an experiment in MMO social engineering if you will.

The Basics…

Guild Name: Stay Classy

GM: Jedi Consular Slopster (

Server: Prophecy of the Five (formerly Saber of Exar Kun)

Faction: Galactic Republic

PVE or PVP Server?: East Coast PVP

Current Guild Population: 30+

Classes Accepted: All Republic Classes

Are you RP friendly?: We are not a role-playing guild, and will not be accepting RP applications.

Casual Guild or Hardcore Guild: Casual (most of our members have competing real life priorities)

Guild Focus: Equally distributed between PVE, PVP, and all other crafting, story, and miscellaneous achievements.

Membership Restrictions: Our only current restrictions for application are that the applicant should be at least 16 full years of age and both read and speak English fluently. There are other technical requirements that can be viewed in our guild charter.


Application Process: Visit our website and fill out an application! Either the GM or one of our Guild Council Members will shoot you an email or respond to your forum post to ask some expanded questions. You may also respond to the application questions on our public forum once you have read completely through our charter. Once that’s done and you are accepted to our Classy ranks, you will be given access to the website and welcomed to the family.

Mumble Server: Stay Classy currently has a fully-dedicated Mumble server for our guild. Mumble access information is accessible by members ONLY. Please read our Guild Charter for more information.

Our Mission(s):

After reflecting upon our past MMO guild experiences, and seeing middle age on the horizon, the mad scientists behind Stay Classy came up with a guild that fits our unique set of desires and standards. A lot of the rules, rights, and responsibilities of the guild are somewhat controversial. We’ve been told that our guild can’t and won’t be successful. We aren’t scared, and we believe ardently that we can run the guild that we’ve always dreamed of. 2 years and many new members later, we're still going strong!

The following are Stay Classy’s stated missions in SW:TOR:

Mission 1: “Allow guild members to play what, how, and when they want to play, as long as it serves to advance the guild.”

Your character choices, the amount of time you play, and your activities within the game are all up to you. It’s against the guild charter for any guild member to request you change any of these personal choices or harass you for the choices you have made. This being said, we expect what you do in game to benefit the guild in some way, which isn’t very hard to do, since most everything you do in game is some sort of progress!

Mission 2: “Have an always shifting “guild focus” that will rotate between PVE, PVP, and other gaming elements, such as crew skills, dailies, titles, codex entries, and other story elements, on a weekly basis.”

Our guild runs both warzones and ops every week! If you love to succeed at all aspects of the game, this guild is for you, as we do it all! If you don’t want to tag along to a large group event, you’re totally free to do that per Mission 1! Of course, people who regularly attend these focus events are rewarded in ways that others aren’t.

Mission 3: “Have simple and efficient guild rules that are enforced equally in all cases.”

In Stay Classy, everyone is equal. Different rules don’t apply to officers or guild “favorites". We are committed to enforcing our rules quickly, efficiently, and without prejudice of any kind. Please check out our website and our charter to see the full list of rules and regulations!

Mission 4: “Expect and enforce mature, professional, loyal (guild focused), and skilled play from all our members.”

Stay Classy membership is dependent on your continued maturity, professionalism, loyalty, positivity, and focused and skilled play. We believe that a guild without these things can’t stand on its own. In two words; Stay Classy.

Mission 5: “To reward the guild members best representative of the guild vision and mission, as they reward the guild with their loyalty and service.”

Guild Management doesn’t believe in hoarding assets for some far future event. We believe on giving back to our members who best exemplify our mission and vision, and obey the guild rules. If you’re one of these members, expect some extra change in your pocket, so to speak.

There’s so much more to say, but we don’t want to spoil ALL the surprises in one go.

If you’re interested in Stay Classy membership after all this, then thanks! Please visit our website at, read the entire guild charter, and get a better idea of our rules and regulations. You must read, be familiar with, and agree to all stipulations in the guild charter to be a member of Stay Classy. If you are still interested in joining the guild, then jump into our visitor forums to ask questions, or to fill out an application (either in our public forum, or via the "Join Stay Classy" link at the top of the main page).

Thank you for your time and consideration. Even if you aren’t interested in staying classy, we know you’ll have tons of fun in SW:TOR. Peace and prosperity to you!

Joining the guild

The Charter

The Process


Slopster (GM)

Rrracheljoy, Psylence6, Adyline, AckbarsUnderling (Officers)

Along with 30 other classy people and growing!

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