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Strictly Business
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Sith Empire
Server The Swiftsure
Leader(s) Daetlus
Type Hardcore Endgame Progression PvE and PvP
Voice Ventrilo: Mumble:

Strictly Business is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild and the founding guild of the Server Health Alliance.

About the guild

Strictly Business is a community founded by leaders of the current 8th world ranked Rift PVE raiding guild, who are now putting their full focus into SWTOR. We take our roots from SWG, and have always had a hardcore presence in games since that time. We merge serious progression raiding with a real people-centric community.

When you think of a guild with a world-first mindset, are you inclined to think along the lines of a famous '50 DKP minus' statement? We could not be further from that. Our members are adults with a sense of humor. They enjoy the math and challenge of theory-crafting and min-maxing without the need to use it as a tool to enable elitism. Our players naturally strive to achieve more, by using forums, target dummy, DPS parsers, spreadsheets, math, and their fellow guild members.

Our raids click. Our raid leader is a glorified traffic light. Start DPS, Stop DPS. The raid leader sometimes causes a traffic wreck, we have a good laugh, and we hit it again hard. Years of raiding has taught us that the best way to success is to apply aggression to difficult encounters, and respect to members. It shows.

Because our community actively participates in Mumble while online, we have a tight-knit MMO family. We have an amazingly committed, laid-back (but efficient) raid of intelligent adults. You constantly hear members cracking up over jokes, with an occasional enveloping..."Yes!" as a new encounter goes down. We love the feeling that first time a lumbering giant goes down, don't you?

Get to know us, we could be your future.

Mission Statement:

Maintain a socially inviting guild led by a calculating, caring council, filled with members that respect others, but are serious about their game play, driven by efficient, but friendly raiding, aimed toward PvE world progression rankings.

Joining the guild


Strictly Business raiders spend time both in and out of raids focused on min/maxing, strategic planning, and character progression. We do not run a sit-down shut up raid. If we're killing we're talking or joking. If you can't perform well outside of a strict comms silent raid, this isn't the raiding guild for you. If you are a (humble...ish) charismatic ultimate machine of PvE destruction...we want you.

Progression Raid Green:

This raid's primary focus is PvE rankings. We are looking for individuals with a world-first raiding attitude and really good jokes. This raid requires a minimum commitment to 30 hours of raiding during US evening hours while we are in progression periods. This includes 90% attendance of the base raiding hours below, though attendance should be nearer to 100%. Spots are earned. Exactly 16 individuals will be tagged as green raiders, but these positions are constantly in flux. These individuals take advantage of every min/maxing opportunity the game has to offer. They also contribute to theory-crafting for their classes.

Progression Raid Blue:

If the only issue with raid green was the number of hours required a week, we have raid blue. Raid blue recruits people of the same quality as raid green. The only difference is that this raid happens in smaller doses. Raid blue invite priority will be assigned based on skill, and attendance. Blue raid is held to a minimum 90% attendance though the candidates that earn spots will attend near 100%. SB's blue raid does understand commitments such as finals, vacations, FTXes, deployments, business trips etc.., just let us know when you'll be gone so we don't worry and can schedule a replacement.

Base Raid Schedule:

Note: Progression Raid Green raids significant hours outside this schedule: typically weekends, and weekday evenings excluding Friday. If you have questions, please ask.

PST (Pacific) Monday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm Tuesday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm Wednesday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm Thursday: 6:00pm - 9:00pm

EST (Eastern) Monday: 9:00pm - 12:00am Tuesday: 9:00pm - 12:00am Wednesday: 9:00pm - 12:00am Thursday: 9:00pm - 12:00am

Where is PvP?

We care about PvP, but it is in no way our focus. We've heard the news that rated PvP will not likely be in at launch, but it is coming. We are excited for this. We have a handful of individuals with sandbox gaming backgrounds, and Gladiator titles. We are recruiting a team of dedicated PvPers, not to exceed 16 total.

What can I expect as a member?

  • Progression raiding with other people that want to push world progression
  • Efficient, effective raiding, with a humorous environment
  • A social community you'll want in your next game
  • Copious amounts of laughs and loot
  • Your membership valued when your time to commit to game goes down

What is expected of me as a member?

  • Respect for all reasonable players
  • Agreement to be logged into Mumble while playing
  • Full effort (with jokes, and raiding)
  • Skilled game play
  • Emulte this
  • Laughs (Yes, it's listed as what you get, but where did you think it was coming from?)
  • /DANCE


Leadership is by council, consisting of an odd number members. Rulings effective by majority council vote. While we have a fully functioning leadership, if there is any position we can put you in that would improve the guild, we want to you to have it. We feel that having a couple people that can do any particular job keeps the guild wheels smooth.

Size/Guild Composition:

Our hard cap is at 60 members. We don't expect to reach that pre-launch, as we have consistently trimmed members based on personality, participation, and other variables on top of our application process. We have two raids, and a PvP team. Sprinkle in a small dose of age appropriate social invites (still interviewed for personality): immediate family, or an occasional bromance (don't hate, true love knows no bounds) and you have our guild.

In past games, with very active players, this has been in the range that ensures during any normal playing hours for the US, it is likely that whatever you want to do in game, others in the guild are already doing it. At this size, with the play habits of the type of people we recruit, everyone gets to know everyone else personally to great degree. It's another thing that makes our raids successful.


Bioware may be handling loot distribution on their own. If this changes, we'll assign our loot method by a majority vote of all members at some point prior to the first raid.

What is Min/Maxing?

We define min/maxing as doing all things possible to improve your character's ability to perform their role to maximum efficiency be it in game equipment, reputation rewards, gear modifications, rotation, or proper application of skill points. A min/maxer will go to great lengths to obtain any increase (even small ones) to his or her character. They typically enjoy the math and theory-crafting involved in determining these optimum selections. Min/maxers increase a raid's ability to efficiently traverse difficult PvE encounters.

What is Elitism?

We define elitism as behavior that insinuates superiority over others because of knowledge, gear, skill, level, status, title, wealth, achievements to name a few examples. We do what we do because we enjoy the rush of overcoming a challenge, not because we want to elevate ourselves. We keep our awesome to ourselves.

How to Min-max a Server?

You create the Server Health Alliance.

From experience with "bad launches" in titles like Rift and Warhammer, we've decided to start the Server Health Alliance (SHA). Having multiple strong PvE and PvP guilds for each faction at launch can help sustain a server and its integrity.

The Server Health Alliance goals are:

1. Create the "best" US West PvP Server. We believe that putting several reputable Republic/Sith guilds on the same server will promote future growth. We want to build a server that fosters friendly competition and a respectful community.

2. Move the server faction balance closer to 1:1, create a healthier than average server for PvE raiding, PvP rated battlegrounds, and open-world PvP competition. The Empire guilds will be in a web, and Republic guilds will join the web after launch. This method not only allows us to place all the Empire guilds within the initial 1:2 ratio of Phase 2, but allows for Republic numbers to then be placed outside of that same 1:2 ratio. The result is everyone of our Republic members is a direct addition, bringing to the Republic side ratio closer to 1:1.

The SHA contains over 500 hardcore PvE and/or PvP players in over 12 guilds.

What if I have questions?

Contact Daetlus or Darkangelo, join us on Ventrilo, or post on our website. Also, check out our FAQ.

How to Join:

Click here to apply at our website. After you apply, we'll ask any preliminary questions we might have, await your responses, and then if we haven't determined you wouldn't be a good fit, we'll ask you to join us in Ventrilo for a two-way Q&A and personality guild panel interview. We typically extend invites to those that are a great fit to the guild a few minutes afterward.

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