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Stygian Disciples
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Empire
Server Kath Hound
Leader(s) Draykson, Szaki, & Rhiavi
Type RP primarily, PvE, PvP.

Stygian Disciples is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Who we are at the core...

The Disciples are a family run guild at the top. Draykson, Szaki, and Rhiavi all live together and have over the years migrated around to different online and offline games, individually and together, including but not limited to Ultima Online, EVE, WoW, Final Fantasy, Dungeons and Dragons, and White Wolf. We have come together in Star Wars as we all have a love for this world. So here we are...

What do we hope to achieve on this server?

The ultimate goal for us on a most basic level is to be a well-known guild on the server that helps, facilitates, and maintains the presence of RP on it.

Who do we hope to be as a guild?

Despite IC conflict, drama, and intruige, it is our hope to be a friendly, helpful, and social guild whose members understand that we are not our characters and we stick up for one another, help each other out when able, and do what we can to build cohesion and unity among our members. Maturity and respect are paramount to our mission here.

Joining the guild

  • Lord Valken, how do I join this totally awesome guild full of bad-ass members!?!?

Well, I'm glad you asked, young supplicant! First and foremost, you must seek out an officer of the guild, Draykson/Tarach, Szaki/Kin'da'ree, Rhiavi, Valken, Nelistra, or Kanosi. Having contacted one of us in-game, you will generally be given an in-character interview to test your mettle as a role-player, and may then be granted "Supplicant" status within the guild.

  • Gee whiz! It sounds so simple! What happens then?

Not so fast, pawn. From that point, you are subjected to a grueling two-week probation, wherein you must demonstrate commitment to the ideals and goals of the Disciples, as well as prove your loyalty by aiding and furthering the guild in some way. This can be done through vigorous role-playing, assisting in filling our coffers with wondrous relics or thousands of credits, or by assisting other members of our order in slaughtering their enemies. Presuming you manage to make it through that time period, you are inducted as a full member of the Stygian Disciples.

  • Are there any restrictions on who can join, Master?

The requirements to join the Order of Stygias are few and simple enough that even one such as yourself can understand them, though I am beginning to doubt your ability to meet them. You must be a dedicated role-player, and willing to help expand and further the guild. You must have read and understand the extremely simple guild charter, and agree to abide by it. it would be in your best interest to align yourself with our ideals, though silently disagreeing and using that juxtaposition for in-character drama does not exclude you. Your class does not exclude you from joining, nor does your race or alignment.

  • But Lord Valken, what if I'm not good enough to become a Stygian Disciple?

Fear not, worm, for the Council and their Shadowlords are just and merciful when those we induct fail to meet the standards of our order. You will be released onto the nearest Empire-controlled planet and-

Actually, no. I've just been informed that I am mistaken. You will be taken to Korriban and violently disemboweled upon the steps of Naga Sadow's tomb, left for the desert suns to dessicate if Korriban's wonderful creatures do not decide you look appetizing first.

Do not fail.

Notable Members

Drakson/Tarach, Szaki/Kin'da'ree, and Rhiavi are the guild leaders that make up the Stygian Council. Valken, Nelistra and Esper make up the Shadowlord officers.

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