The Aeons of Korriban is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the Aeons of Korriban

RP History

The Founding

Nearly a decade after the fall of the Sith Triumvirate, a moderate sized group of Sith Assassins made their way from to Korriban from all over the galaxy. Lacking a master, they elected the strongest and wisest among them to lead them in learning the ways of the Dark Side of the Force, and continue their crusade against the Jedi.

The elected Grand Lord formed a council to help him rule, and over time returned the Sith Academy, and arguably much of Korriban, to its former glory. They there after dubbed themselves the Aeons of Korriban.

Over the years, the guild numbers swelled as the Assassins found force sensitives that turned away from the Jedi. However, existence was not easy for the Sith Guild, due to the republic presence on Korriban. This was an obstacle that was overcome with silence and secrecy.

The Knights

As the Aeons grew in size, they began to spread out from their homeworld, establishing outposts and training centers on various worlds in several systems. This became a problem when a Sith temple was found by a group of intrepid Jedi Knights on Dxun. The Aeons managed to preserve their secrets, but at the loss of several of their own number on the forest moon.

This spurred the council to return to the practice of training Sith warriors. Rather than name them after the Marauders that fought with the Assassins in the Sith Triumvirate, the council had trained a group of Sith Knights that would fight on the same footing as the Jedi Knights. These Knights served as the protectors of the Aeons for years.

The Empire

Nearly a century after the foundation of the guild, the guild discovered the Imperial Fleet. After a meeting between the guild's Grand Lord and the Sith Emperor, the Aeons of Korriban became honorary members of Imperial society, and, over time, integrated itself as an official Imperial Guild. This was instrumental to the Sith Empire's return to Korriban.

The Spectres

The Aeons of Korriban became the vanguard of the Sith, due to their already active existence within known space, although their existence still remained a secret. Taking advantage of the wide spread use of agents amongst the Sith in positions of power, the Aeons took to using agents for more than Imperial politics. By enlisting agents as spies and assassins to be used against the Republic, the Aeons maintained a close eye on Republic activities, which proved invaluable to the guild and the Sith as a whole. Eventually, these agents were granted a place within the guild by the council.

The Hunters

Dating back as far back as the guild's first venture off of Korriban, the guild made use of bounty hunters the galaxy over in order to affect their goals, but it wasn't until nearly one hundred years after joining the empire that they became a true part of the guild. After a number of bounty hunters began to regularly provide services to the guild, the Grand Lord at the time, Darth Vicente VI, decided that it was easier to simply allow them to work as an arm of the guild. Naturally, many bounty hunters dismissed the idea, believing that doing so would restrict their freedoms and options, but there were some who signed on for either the honor, the thrill, or simply the love of the jobs that the Aeons always lined up for them. This group became the first of the Hunters.

The Great War and the Sacking of Coruscant

The Aeons of Korriban played a critical role in the war against the Republic, providing a hefty amount of manpower in various battles. The Aeons of Korriban also provided a number of their own in the assault on the Jedi Temple.

The Schism:

War Begins

Roughly five years after the signing of the Treaty of Coruscant, the guild's Grand Lord, Vicente Heartnet VI, was killed by a team of Jedi Knights. This left a vacuum of power in the guild, with two potential Dark Lords to take his place. The first, a Nautolan council member named Darth Zhan, and the second, the son of the previous Dark Lord, Darth Vicente. Naturally, both Sith made their claims almost immediately, and Vicente, who was only fourteen at the time, challenged Zhan to a duel atop the Sith Academy on Korriban. The Nautolan denied the challenge, claiming that a child would stand no chance against a true Sith. Despite his claims, there were as many who viewed Zhan's actions as cowardly as were willing to follow him. Tensions in the guild rose as the council debated, until Zhan ordered an attack on an Aeon training center on Hoth. This began The Schism War


The war raged on for nearly two years, keeping everyone on edge, unsure of who was loyal to which side. Battles were fought all over Sith and neutral space, and many guild members on both sides were killed.

Seeing that the battle could not simply be fought between force sensitives, Darth Vicente searched the galaxy for skilled bounty hunters. During his search he encountered a bounty hunter named Mr. Sinister, whose exploits impressed Vicente enough to offer him a fortune in exchange for help during the war.

With an ally the enemy could not easily detect through the force, Vicente's Aeons gained the advantage in the war, neutralizing the key figures in Zhan's Aeons. But the war would last until there was only one Grand Lord of the guild.

Knowing this, Vicente and Sinister worked out a plan to lure the enemy fleet to Tython, where Zhan's forces were decimated by the Jedi defense ships. On the planets surface, Vicente and Zhan finally crossed blades in the duel Vicente had wanted two years earlier. Vicente proved the greater Sith, destroying his enemy.

Within a standard month, all Aeons were either realigned with Vicente, or marked as traitors and executed.

File:Aeons of Korriban command Ship.jpg


The Aeons of Korriban have remained strong under Darth Vicente, and have been involved in numerous battles against the republic.

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