The Army of Light is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Who are we? Well the Army of Light is a clan that has been reformed to reveal and reflect the Light. We have shown The Army of Light through many other famous Star Wars games like; Star Wars: Empire At War and Star Wars: Forces Of Corruption. We now come together for the recent Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic, which is developed and created by BioWare and LucasArts.

Our Plans: As a Republic guild, we plan to prevent and remove the Sith. We will do anything we can to support the Republic and keep it from going up in flames. Our main goal in the SWTOR community is to become the fastest growing guild. We also want to create a fun and entertaining environment for those of the Republic, and to be in a time of peace and serenity. We cannot promise what other guilds can, but we can promise you our support and dedication to our members. The main aspect we follow, is based on the quality over quantity for our members. We want to be a fantastic guild with mature and dedicated members.

We were placed in the RP-PvE server, Sanctum of the Exalted, but now with the server mergings we decided to move to The Ebon Hawk server in hopes to find more active recruits, we all hope to see you in game!!

AL Logo

Joining the guild

You can join the guild by creating an application in our site forums. You can access this application here-

If you are interested in joining arms with our guild, please post a proposal to our forums as well.



Our guild has put all classes into one ranking system, even Troopers and Smugglers can be part of the High Council. Applicants that have passed the approval stage will be ranked Recruit. Passing the membership trial will grant them Private. The highest rank achievable without joining the High Council is Commander.

As of 8th June 2012, we have restructured the ranking system in order for the ranks to fit in game as the limit is currently 10.



High General, Grand Master Jephos Mispir

High Council Members

Ambassador General Mai Skyblade

General Kyle'b VanCover

General Jaedon Phoenix

General Karander Shinemoon

General Ard'el Holylight

General Mascurse Drakiel

Other members


Other Guild Allied

Other Guilds Merged

  • RTTF77 - Republic Trooper Task Force 77th
  • Servants of the Shrub
AL Logo final

External links

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