The Axiom Network is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The Axiom Network is a non-faction player's guild established for the Star Wars: The Old Republic™ massive multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Bioware™. We are an east coast, USA based, mature-minded guild for experienced players from casual to hardcore who realize that their milieu is gaming to the best of their ability. We will strive to take pleasure in all that the game offers and then share with our members any tactics and strategies that can aid in building stronger players among us. We will be providing a guild Ventrilo server exclusively for our members to aid in improving communication in-game.

We are looking to our members to be team players that enjoy participating with one another on a regular basis. We will focus on developing strong characters for Raiding and PvP content which should easily prepare members for any PvE and questing game play. We are looking to our Operations Officers to provide valued hardcore focus with a mentoring mindset that makes any adventure they lead full of action and quite fruitful. We are looking to our Operations Council to supply the careful insight for guild growth and development.

Joining the guild

Those seeking membership or associate status must apply at our website. A 30 day probationary admission to the guild is offered in-game and becomes permanent once a formal application is submitted at the website and approved.


All final membership approvals by end of September 2010.


Cerraherro - The Operation Chief (GL); (Operations Officers and Council Members to be selected by November 2010.)

Other members


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The Axiom Network

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