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Ranking System Info

All new members will be a “Recruit” until proven / promoted to respective rank.

  • Example: Level 23 Sith Warrior is recruited. That character is a Recruit until he or she proves themselves and registers on the guild website. Once proven, that character would become a Sith Apprentice. If the character had been level 6 then after he or she had proven themselves, he or she would still be a Recruit but would be auto promoted to the next rank once reaching level 20. If the character was level 50, they would be promoted to Sith Saber once proven].

Sith Lord & Admiral are appointed positions only to be filled by application approved / tried players. Once a member reaches the rank of Sith Saber or Commander, he or she can fill out an application to become a Sith Lord or Admiral. Once the application is approved, he or she will be tried for a certain period of time and become an Apprentice of a Guild Officer. Once that period of time has elapsed, the Master will choose the fate of the apprentice (either approve or disapprove). If approved, the member will be promoted to the rank of Sith Lord or Admiral. Promoted members will have increased privileges within game and website. These positions are very prestigious and are rare to obtain

Guild Leader

The Guild leader or called "Dark Lord" is the highest position in the guild. There may only be one Leader (Dark Lord) in The Bro Code Empire.

Dark Council | High Council [Officers]

Dark Lord & Grand Admiral

These positions are held by thehighest ranking members of the Empire. These positions are highly esteemed and have supreme authority over all guild activity. This authority is given to them by the Guild Leader (Emperor) and will be regarded as if given directly from him. Council members' actions and decisions are considered final.

Dark Council and High Council are the same thing. Dark Council is referred to those of the force using abilties I.E Sith Inquisitor & Sith Warrior. High Council is the same but for Non-Force users I.E the Imperial Agent & Bounty Hunter. (Legacy force abilities do not count for positions into Dark Council.)

Sith Ranks

Sith Ranks consist of Force using classes only.

Sith Lord

Sith Lord is an officer rank one step below the Dark Council, and is given to those chosen by a current council member as their apprentice.

The Rule of Two will always be in place.

Sith Saber

Sith Saber is someone who proved themselves worthy in the eyes of an Sith Lord. The Sith lord can then grant them the title Sith Saber and becomes the master of the Newly appointed saber.

Sith Apprentice

Sith Apprentice is truly an honor in this Empire. You will remain a mere Loyalist till chosen by a Sith Saber of your potential. The Saber must of course tell his master of his apprentice so it can be added to the the player notes of who is his master.

Enlisted Ranks

Enlisted Ranks consist of non-Force using classes only.


Admiral is an officer rank one step below the High Council, and is given to those chosen by a current council member.


Commander is an officer to assist the High Council, same as the sith side as in apprentice but as a non force user this time around. You may also chose an Loyalist to become your Imperial Soldier as your apprentice.

Imperial Soldier

Another honored position of a non force user. You must be seen with potential to be able to progress to this rank which means you can only go up from here my friend.


The Loyalist is the entry level rank in the guild. To progress from this rank you must show activity and be chosen by an imperial soldier by your potential to progress

  • Example: A level 65 joins the guild but does not progress until he is approved to leave recruit status.

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