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The Coo of the Gizka
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server PvE
Leader(s) Onyca
Type Casual, Social, PvE

The Coo of the Gizka is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.


Who is the Coo of the Gizka?

We are a casual PvE / social guild with a tendency to be distracted by nonsensical antics. Playing the game is much more fun when you have friends who find clever ways to act dumb! But we are not all randomness. We are old-school gamers who know how to hold our own on the battlefield.

Our core members are comprised of fun-loving, old-time gamers with extensive knowledge of MMO’s. A large portion of our membership comes from a background of being a guild officer or leader, and dealing with the excitement of hardcore end game raiding. And that’s why we made a laid-back casual guild. We have tossed aside the shackles of raid schedules, and we’re putting our experience to use by exploring the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic to its fullest.

The Coo: FAQ

Q: Your guild name sounds weird. What is it even suppose to mean?!

A: The gizka are small frog-like creatures, introduced into the Star Wars universe in the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. In a quest, They infested your ship, hopping around and making adorably annoying cooing noises. There were two options to purge your ship of these precious pests. One was to give them to a trader on Manaan. The other was to poison them and watch them (forgive me, I have to say it) croak. Our guild name is in honorable remembrance of the thousands of little slain gizka littering the galaxy with their cute froggy corpses. Rest in peace, little gizka. Rest in peace.

Q: Uh huh...And what makes you think I want to hang out with you people?

A: We'll explain our many facets, and you can decide if they are merits or flaws. We are a collection of gamers who have a long (in some cases, very long) history of playing MMO's. Most of us are laid back, good humored geeks. Our main focus is having fun in the game, cause let's face it, gaming is for escaping the tedium of life. We don't want playing to become a chore, but we do want to be great players. A lot of times, you will find us holding ridiculous social events, or traipsing about on whimsical adventures, as well as organizing PvP groups and PvE raids. We will have some light role playing, but we won't fuss if your not a role player.

Q: Do you guys like to Quest and Explore?

A: Yes! They've told us that this game will be very story-line driven, and we're pretty excited about that. We definitely want to support each other and explore the furthest reaches of the galaxy!

Q: I like some action! Do you support Raiding and PvP?

A: We do. Its a goal of ours to have a casual PvE and PvP environment. We want to have no-pressure Raids or Flashpoint nights around once a week (depending on member demands). To promote fairness and eliminate drama, we will have a DKP system in place. We also have a group of members who want to take advantage of TOR's PvP systems.

Q: You mentioned social events earlier. What are we talking here? Karaoke and free Bantha Blasters?

A: That's a very real possibility. We plan on holding numerous public and guild-based social events, highlighted by extravagance and absurdity. Our intent will be to bring amusement to our community. And possibly bewilderment. And a little chaos. Chaos is good.

Q: And how, exactly, will you run your crazy guild?

A: We are run by a council of officers, many of which have previous guild leadership experience. Decisions that are put to the whole guild will be based on member votes, and there will be advancement within our ranks for members who want to share the burden of responsibility. We have yet to fill our class leader positions, and there is still room for officers as well. Other positions will be created as needed.

Q: Surely you will have some stuffy age limitations, amirite?

A: No, we realize ages doesn't equal maturity. As long as your mature enough to be respectful and immature enough to have some fun, you'll fit in our guild just fine. But if you care to know, currently our average age runs in the 20's - 30's range.

Q: I'm still not convinced your guild is as awesome as it sounds, this is your last chance to sway me. GO!

A: Ack! Okay! You can check us out on our SWToR HQ Public Forum !! Come and chat with us before making your decision. We also have a guild page in the works here. If you have any other questions about us, feel free to post them iin either forums. We thank you for taking the time to read all this nonsense and if all this sounds like what you're looking for, come join us!

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