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Tcl crest

The Corellian League Crest

The Corellian League
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Republic
Server TBA
Leader(s) Otakuon
Type RP/PvE

The Corellian League is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the Guild

Our Mission

The Corellian Lea
Tcl jp poster01
gue is a Republic Aligned, role play centered guild. Our goal is to enhance the overall gameplay experience of both our members and the server player-base at large by encouraging a rich and vibrant community both within and outside of our guild. We are a group of dedicated gamers who are serious about playing The Old Republic, but not at the expense of fun or the responsibilities of our lives outside of the game. Our members are focused on a wide range of activities including PvE progression, endgame content (aka "Operations"), PvP and competitive gameplay, crafting and, of course, role playing.

The most important rule that all of our members must follow is respect: respect for their fellow guild-mates and respect for all TOR players in general. Apart from this basic philosophy, we are an open minded community who welcomes members from all walks of life and MMO backgrounds....from the most battle hardened veteran to the freshest of "newbs".

History of Corellia

Corellia is one of the older and more prominent Republic worlds in the Star Wars Universe. A green and blue marble located in the Core, it is perfectly situated for interstellar trade. Unlike other industrial worlds, Corellia’s large manufacturing centers orbit the planet maintaining the world’s natural beauty.

Corellian culture emphasizes freedom and ingenuity; this often produces a strong sense of national pride. Such pride has led many outsiders to call Corellians arrogant and self-centered. A clever Corellian would respond with the fact that nearly all ships in the galaxy were designed, built, or flown by a Corellian. A foolish Corellian would take back a drink and challenge the speaker to a suicide run and come out laughing victoriously.

But in these times of war, Corellians have put aside such petty differences and have sacrificed their share of lives to preserve the Republic and all that it stands for, swearing never to back down & to continue the fight. No matter the odds…

TCL Benefits

- TCL offers all gamers the opportunity to socialize and cooperate with names and in-game faces that in time will become very familiar.
- You are the Guild. TCL encourages guild members to create and share character stories via forums and media via their personal album.
- Your Time is Your Own. TCL does not require you to attend Scheduled Events.
- Respect. As you are held to certain behavior of conduct so are other guild members ensuring a better game play experience for everyone.
- We are a Republic! Keen to ensure order and aid, TCL already boasts a strong infrastructure of Guild Leaders including 2 Administrators & an 8 member Council.

Before registering we encourage you to read through our forum thread HERE to better give you an idea of who we are and what we represent.

Joining the Guild

Please fill in the following (BOTH are REQUIRED:
- Submit your application at the SWTOR Guild Page
- Register through our website via the Register Tab.
- Your registered username on and on this site MUST MATCH EXACTLY. You can change your displayed name once you register.

Notable Members

Otakuon - The Corellian League Chairman

External links

The Corellian League Official Website
The Corellian League Official Wiki
The Corellian League Facebook Fan Page
The Corellian League Twitter Feed

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