The Dark Eye is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The Dark Eye is a guild who have dedicated themselves to serving the Empire and destroying all Republic players. We are on a PlayerVplayer server, so watch your back for Republic scum and come packing a punch. You can be any class, so long as you swear utter loyalty to the guild, our cause, and the Empire!!!!

Joining the guild



TheNantoEmperor (name to be changed to Darth Marak in-game). I am the leader of the guild and I am a Sith Warrior aiming for the Sith Marauder Adv. Class.

My second-in-command is DarthNighterror, also a Sith Warrior, but aiming for a Sith Juggernaut Adv. class.

Other members

External links

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