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The Empires Jedi Hunters is a Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars Endgames guild.

About the guild


TEJH Emblem1245

TEJH Emblem

TEJH Was founded by Darth Raith! There is no History behind this guild which gives it a suptle appeal about it but Harbours the Dark side of the Force, and is the hidden Sith Empire within the shadows

of the Galaxy.

In the beggining the young sith pureblood named Jen' Karys had a dream of becoming a grand leader of the Sith Empire! It wasn't until he was chosen to join the ranks of the Sith's Force-users that Jen' believed he had a more forthcoming future within the Empire!

Trained at an early age to use the Force and Vibroblade combat by his father - Jen' quickly found that there was much in the galaxy that the elders of the planet was not telling the more common of the people what was going on.

When Jen' was old enough he left his family home and went straight into the training under a Sith Lord called Lord Isis * The Seer of Death * as many referred to him by, Lord Isis trained Jen' and gave him the title of *Darth* as at the time was customary to Sith apprentices, and his Sith name of *Raith* "by the Force's will it shall be" LORD Isis says. In the time spent with his Master, Raith Quickly gained the knowledge and resect of many within the Sith Empire at where he was training and stationed, others remarking * The Raith of the Force * "He shall destroy, before we have begun" Many rumours went about but was brushed aside due to the fact NO-ONE would dare challenge the will of the Force or what the Elders have said about him!

But one day Raith was sent on his *Final Test*, he was to face a Jedi, Kill them and return with their lightsaber!

Sith e19

Members TEJH Signia

TEJH Points Of Interests!

  • It is loyal to the Sith traditions of the Master - Apprentice ways of living and ways of life training new members though this way!
  • It has a rich level of RP - PvP - PvE section!
  • The Militia section is more than welcoming for the RP loving members!
  • Vetrillo or Team Speak - ( Shall be added when a member with experiance comes along! )

TEJH shall have an extended archive section

Anything else you wish to add? Then Come Join us and we shall rule this Galaxy as an Empire before us and the Jedi shall be NO more!

Smaller TEJH Emblem 33

Joining the guild

TEJH Applications

Lord Raith SWTOR

Ambassadors! - Recruitment!

  • Lord Raith

High Ranks & Members


Dark Lord 5

Darth Raith - ( Real Name - Jen' Karys ) - Founder And Dark Lord or Jen' Jari

The Dark Council

Dark Council 2

The Dark Council consists of the Leaders of the Sith Guilds that have allied themselves with TEJH! Lord Raith has opened the doors of his sanctuary to create a Council of the Strongest Members from his allies. Though some are still trying to make their way to this gathering spot, there is no question about how this shall help rid the galaxy from the deterant Jedi scum!

  • Lord Raith - TEJH
  • Lord Shade - STS
  • Darth Adeodatus - Ira Deorum or IRAD
  • Shaolin Master - Genesis
  • Darth Mrtorn - The Alliance Of Shadows
  • Darthsal - ImMoRTals

TEJH Shadows

TEJH Shadow 2

The TEJH Shadows are members that have been given the highest honour and rank ( next to the Jen' Jari ) within the Guild!

They are hand picked and MUST have served on the TEJH Council to gain such an Honour, They are the right hand servers of the Jen' Jari of the order and DO All that is commanded from him, they can even undermine the TEJH Council if the reason is of adequate value and see that the Guild is run to its fullest! All their actions come direct from the Jen' Jari himself! But in certain times of absence then they are put in charge in his place, then the TEJH Council must get any permission from the TEJH Shadows!

Members Include ;-

  • No Members at present

TEJH Council Members

TEJH Council 2

The TEJH Council Members are members that have proven worthy enough to ensure the Guild is run accordingly and makes sure that the rules are followed!

If any problems should arise that cannot be settled without drama or any other way than the Council are the ones that deal with the problem at hand!

Should the Council not be able to make a decision then it is up to the Jen' Jari to take up! Anything the Jen' Jari decides upon IS FINAL! No questions asked!

Members include;-


All Members!

Names and Ranks!

TEJH Dark Lord

Lord Raith

Dark Council

Members include;-

Lord Raith - TEJH Jen' Jari & Dark Council

Lord Shade - STS Jen' Jari & Dark Council

Darth Mrtorn - TAOS Jen' Jari & Dark Council

Darth Adeodatus - IRAD Jen' Jari & Dark Council

Shaolin Master - Genesis Jen' Jari & Dark Council

Darthsal - ImMoRTals Ambassador & Dark Council

Keeperofthecode - WOTS Jen' Jari & Dark Council

TEJH Shadows! Members Include;-

TEJH Council members! Members Include;-

Trath - TEJH Council Member & Shadow Weaver

Force - Users!

Sith Lords & Shadow Assassins

Lord Assassins

Sith Masters & Master Assassins

Sith Marauders & Marauder Assassins

Sith Tyro's & Tryo Assassin's

Sith Apprentice's

Sith King Korriban



Sith Acolytes

Imperial Agents!

Shadow Weaver!


Shadow Stalker!

Shade, First-Class!

Shade, Seacond-Class!

Shade, Third-Class!



  • None at Present





Lord Arin


Hopeful 2

  • Hopeful - You start at this rank before you choose whether to become a Force-user, Bounty Hunter or Agent!


Sith Acolyte 3

  • Acolyte

Sith Apprentice 4

  • Apprentice

  • Tyro

Sith Marauder 3

  • Marauder

Sith Master New 3

  • Master

  • Lord


From Tyro members can be given the honour of training to become assassins if they feel a more bloodthirsty desire about them!


Ranks are as follows

Tyro Assassin 2

  • Tyro Assassin ( Lowest Assassin Rank )

Marauder Assassin 2

  • Marauder Assassin ( 2nd Lowest Assassin Rank )

Master Assassin 2

  • Master Assassin ( 3rd Highest Assassin Rank )

Lord Assassin 2

  • Lord Assassin ( 2nd Highest Assassin Rank )

Shadow Assassin1

  • Shadow Assassin ( Highest Assassin Rank )


TEJH has enlisted the help of BountyHunters to move around the Galaxy to seek, hunt and even destroy enemies that the sith shall be known to be too obviously seen! So to keep our presence low these Hunters are Brought into play!

  • None at present!

Imperial Agents!

TEJH has enlisted Agents to scour the Galaxy! These Agents spy and keep TEJH up to date with events happening throughout!

Shadow Weaver 1

Shadow Weaver!

This is the Highest Agent Rank at the Guild of TEJH!

Shadow Stalker 2

Shadow Stalker!

This is the rank for Sencond in command of the Agents!

Shade FC 1

Shade, First-Class

Shade SC 1

Shade, Seacond-Class

Shade TC 1

Shade, Third-Class

Agent 1

Agents - New guys are simply called until their training is complete.

Allied Sith Guilds

External links

TEJH Portal

Lord Raith SWTOR

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