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The Enclave is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

Welcome to Enclave

Idea is to form up a guild/community before game launches so that people who are in our community will have a head start.

Idea behind this guild is to be nr.1 guild on what ever server we decide to play on.

Currently we are working on setting everything up, for now we got working forums and it seems that our portal site is forming up real nice too…

This is of course an never ending project so i’m not gonna stand here and tell you that we are done or that there is a lots of more work to do around guild site… because it will change and evolve in any way that game desire us to do…

Our current situation is that we are looking for new gamers, to start some discussions in our forums and try to get to know each other. Who knows meaby even some closed beta testing could accure with each other and meaby some shared knowledge .

Currently guild Enclave is undecided of wich path to proceed. I guess when we get to see how game is setup we will then decide what path to follow. From current standing point everything is possible.

Another idea behind Enclave guild is that it will be somewhat “democratic” guild. That means we will have voting system on a lots of important issues that may arise during our play time, at that point I would like as many guild members as possible to vote so that we can choose a correct decision for a guild as an entire entity instead of making personal individual decisions that suits guild leader or guild officers best.

Short Guild Info:


TYPE OF GUILD: PvP, PvE, Roleplay (light or heavy), Crafting, All Types

AGE GROUP: All ages but preferred mature


That would be all for now. Thank you and hope to see you all around !

Zimbab out !

Joining the guild

Visit our guild website at and make an application at our forums.



Zimbab / Aliman

Other members

External links

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