The Fillorean Society is a group of people from all walks of life, dedicated to the preservation and aggressive expansion of the Galactic Republic. They are fiercely opposed to the Sith Empire, and any perceived enemy of the Republic.

About the guild

The Fillorean Society is a society composed of some of the most powerful and skilled people across the galaxy. It gets its name from the first Chancellor of the Republic, Fillorean, and seeks to return the Republic to being the one, true dominant force in the known galaxy. It does this through clandestine methods that can vary from secret funding, assassinations, even to large scale attacks by its operatives, though those instances are rare. All in all, it's a society that is designed for those that are fiercely and fanatically loyal to the Republic, and vehemently opposed to anything that might seek to challenge the Republic's dominance.

Joining the guild

Joining the guild is easy. Simply Apply Here.



Sergei Meranov - Leader Scott Chain - Junior Leader Vigo Surai - Junior Leader

Other members

Jagger Cyde Valkus Werdana Mon Pandamari Galenth Dysley Titan T2 Victoria Alenko Ixidor Asgrod Brucil Tellen Silversun Aeraie Solara Lena Jade (In Memoriam)

External links

Guild Website SWTOR Guild Site

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