The Fish and Bread Trick is a Christian PvE guild. We are located on Krayiss Obelisk (EST) on the US servers.

About Our Guild

We started out on the World of Warcraft, and with its current success we've decided to establish a branch on SWTOR to continue our sense of fellowship across all games. We strive to place God in the center of all our activities, helping each other and others, and to have fun while progressing through game content. We're small but we hope to expand with more members, and we definitely intend to progress into Ops once we have a group of 8 dedicated members for the core group. We do not have a set Operations schedule yet due to the lack of Ops-ready members, but we are probably looking at something between Wednesday and Saturday, in the evenings. We usually do our progressions two nights a week. We also enjoy the occasional PvP, but that is not our focus.

How to Join Us

We ask that anyone interested please apply through our website, at www.thefishandbreadtrick[dot]com. Currently we are looking for more healers and DPS to join our core group. Tank slots are currently filled, but anyone is still welcome to apply.

You do not need to be a Christian to join us, but if you are not one, we ask that you just repsect our beliefs and abide by the guild rules.

Guild Rules

Our guild rules and FAQ can be found on our site -- URL provided above.

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