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The Grand Imperial Remnant
Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild
Allegiance Empire
Server Jedi Covenant
Leader(s) Soxis
Voice Mumble

The Grand Imperial Remnant is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The Grand Imperial Remnant is newly formed (Dec 2013) guild looking to build our ranks. We are very active with 26 individual members for a grand total of 95 toons, majority of which are lvl 55. We are striving to make a name for ourselves on the Jedi Covenant server, often PVP'ing together, running flashpoints and dailies. Our goal is to encourage all members to enjoy SWTOR and what it has to offer, by providing them an environment where our members work together to achieve common goals and facilitate individual growth. We also have a Pub side sister guild!!

Current Events Schedule:

   PVP Boot Camp - Friday 9pm est
   Gearing Ops - Saturday 11am est
   Imperial Leveling Pact - Sunday 10am est
   World Boss Event (Pub) - Sunday 3:30p est
   Operations - Sunday 7pm est

Joining the guild

If you are interested in joining TGIR, please visit our site and fill out an application. Make sure to list the names of the characters you are wanting to have invited. Once your applicaion has been approved you will be contacted in game.

Notable Members

Ashes - Our current PVP officer! Ashes holds PVP boot-camps on Friday, where he answers questions on all things pvp, including rotation, targeting, CC, resource management and the basics of different WZ's! During this event he works with our members individually and in group sparring matches.

Tyrannia - Our PVE officer. Tyrannia started our Imp Leveling Pact where all participating members start off on lvl 1 toons and we level as one group. During this event the members work on Heroics and flashpoints for all planets. Class quests are done individually. This has been alot of fun and the group is currently on Nar Shadda!

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