The Guardians of Peace is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The Guardians of Peace are a guild mainly based in the UK but accept members from any European country. They are a mature guild and typically only take members 21 and over and is aimed at gamers who want a more relaxed guild that doesnt demand too much of their time.

Joining the guild

To join The Guardians of Peace you need to log on to the SWTOR website and sign up through there.



The guild is curently finalising its structure and roles for its officers.

Currently the leadership is as below:

Corbien - Guild Leader
Dawnie - Deputy Leader
KarmicCreature - Officer
FauxySheperd - Officer
Tyranas - Officer
Hanzel - Officer
Kazaahn - Officer
KarnageTime - Officer

Other members

There are currently 183 members. For a full list please visit the guilds SWTOR page and look at the roster.

External links

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