The Hunted is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

The Hunted

We are the exiled. We are the wanderers. Though our stories differ, the final chapters are the same. We, through resistance, circumstance, or the will of the Force, have all become targets for the malevolent Sith Empire’s injustices. Some have been forced to flee their homes and leave families behind. Others have lost the comforts of home and family to destruction and invasion. Others, still, and perhaps worse, have lost their families, homes, to the poison spewed from the lips of the Emperor, the ideals of fear, hate, and power.

Either by loss, death, or betrayal, the Empire has pushed us into the shadows. And there we wait. There, we watch. We find each other under the dim lights of the corner cantina, on the crowded transport ships, in the wastelands of dying planets, our eyes ever-cautious. The time is near at hand when we will stand united against those who pursue us.

We are the Hunted, but we will never be the prey...

Joining The Hunted

  • You can be any level or class!
  • Must enjoy RPing
  • Register on our website!

The Council

  • Rhevion Xen
  • Solldus Trosin
  • Xium Agiz
  • Mercutio Kaito

Visit us here!

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