The Jedi Ancients is a Star Wars: The Old Republic guild.

About the guild

The Jedi Ancients is a guild sworn to the duty of defeating the Sith and saving the innocent. With the aid of the Council of Elders and the Jedi Apprentices, Knights, and Masters serving under them and Grandmaster Skywalker online, we can make a change, help the Republic gain the upper hand, and destroy the Sith!

Joining the guild

If you wish to join the guild go to the Website as provided above and join. You have the choice to specify who you might want to be apprenticed to when TOR comes out, or you can start out as a Knight or Master and plan on taking an apprentice of your own. You will be allowed to talk on the Guild forums on the website and to use the MeeboIM bar to talk to any of your JA friends who are online when you are. Lots of TOR information and videos are also uploaded regularly onto the site.


  • Jacken Skywalker, Grandmaster of the Order
  • Alpha Kenobi, Council Member
  • Kolus Salcar, Council Member
  • Kanosa, Council Member

External links

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