Jedi temple

An Order within the Republic, and a branch of the Jedi Council and military elite of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Conjoined the order seeks to follow a strict but just code and way of doing things, maintaining balance under the guidance of the Conclave Council.

General Information

  • Headquarters: :::Data corrupted...:::
  • Belief: Code of the Jedi, and Code of Honour
  • Alignment: Republic, Light of the Force
  • Enlistments: The Order consists of two sections, the Military wing enlisted with skilled pilots and soldiers under strict watch by Captain :::Data corrupted...:::, while the Jedi Conclave Order wing is led under the guidance by Master Kariel'zhar and the rest of the Conclave Council, though they all ultimately answer to the conjoined voices of the Jedi High Council and the Senate of the Republic.
  • Requirements in order to Enlist: Captain :::Data Corrupted...::: and Master Kariel'zhar usually oversees the initiation of new members by a fair trial that will test both ones skill, will and judgement, regardless of being a soldier, pilot or potential force wielder. However enlistment itself can be done by contacting any member of the Order, who will redirect the request to the Upper Echelon of the Order.

History, Purpose and Code:


The Jedi Conclave Order was formed shortly after the fall of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a response to the breaking trust of between the Jedi Order and the Republic itself as a project to try and rekindle desperately-needed bonds. Since then they have worked both in public and in less public view to maintain a balance and lasting peace.

Combining both the virtues of the Jedi Code as well as the Honor of the Military's wing, the Order works on a high strict and efficiency basis to maintain peace and make sure that thoughtful judgement and justice is passed on to places that are in need of aid or help.

Recently the Order has become more active due to rising conflicts in both Mid- as well as Outer-rim worlds. The Jedi Conclave Council dispatches small tasks forces to both investigate and solve these possible conflicts, through peaceful means if at all possible, but they will not stand idle if innocents or civilians are endangered, to take up arms to quickly disarm their opponents.

Purpose and goals:

- The Order seeks to bring about justice and peace where they are dispatched

- They will..:::Corrupted data:::


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Structure of the Order:

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